By: Jettie Woodruff

back to the bright yellow walls on every wall that I could

see. The kitchen wasn’t bad and had updated, modern

appliances, but the bright yellow paint was already giving

me a migraine. The countertops were a dark gray color. I

thought that they were some kind of fake marble, but I

could work with that.

I walked toward the side of the house and peeked

in the bathroom. I was pleasantly surprised. I was happy

to see the rather large claw foot tub, and was gratified to

see that the walls were a pleasant neutral, olive green

color. I liked that room, and it only needed a good

cleaning. I opened the first bedroom door and thought it

would make a nice office. It was small but had a

reasonable size window overlooking the ocean. I could

even live with the light blue walls. The next room was

bigger, but nothing like I was used to in Indiana. I smiled

to myself when I remembered that I was from Indiana and

not Las Vegas. It too had a marvelous view, overlooking

pine trees and also the Atlantic Ocean. The walls were a

soft, subtle gray, and I loved it. One less thing to do. I

noticed how rocky the yard seemed to be, and then it

dawned me. I would have to mow and take care of the

yard myself. At least there was a small shed to keep a

lawn mower. Lawnmower? I didn’t know how to buy a

lawnmower. Where do you even buy those things?

Okay so maybe I didn’t think this through all that

well. I had no bed. Where was I supposed to sleep? The

only furniture left in the house was a table and four chairs.

The table was one of those round plastic outdoor tables

with a hole running through the middle of it for an

umbrella. The four plastic chairs didn’t even match. One

was green, one was white, and two were brown. No couch

either, this was just brilliant. I had the money, and I had

planned on buying new everything. That part I was looking

forward to, however, it didn’t help much at seven o’clock

on a Thursday night. Food! I had no food either. I was so

tired. I honestly didn’t want to go back into town, although

it would have taken me a full three minutes to drive. I

decided to unload my car and at least get a much needed

hot shower. No. I wouldn’t be doing that either. Well I

could, but I had no soap, no shampoo, no wash cloth, and

not even a towel to dry on. I didn’t even have a blanket to

cover up with, let alone lie on.

I unloaded what clothes that I had. Nothing was

mine, not even the clothes that I was wearing. Ms. K had

made me change them and put on the ones that she had

gotten for me. I didn’t even take any of the expensive items

from Drew. Ms. K told me not to, afraid that if I pawned

them, they might be traced, and that was a chance that I

wasn’t willing to take. I didn’t even get the one framed

picture of my Grandma Joyce, the only person who had

ever cared about me or my wellbeing. The pictures of my

life after Drew could have gone up in flames, and I

wouldn’t have cared.

After I had my clothes carried to the room that I

would call mine, I dragged myself back out to the car. I

remembered seeing a Dollar General Store back in town.

At least I could get a pillow, and a couple of blankets to

sleep on. I desperately wanted some bathroom supplies,

and I supposed that I should go to the grocery store.

I went to the Dollar store first, that was my first

mistake. By the time I had bought two hundred and twelve

dollars’ worth of supplies, enough to get me through until I

could go shopping the next day, the grocery store had

closed. I bought a coffee pot and had no coffee for the next

morning. My new adventurous beginning was not in

accordance with how my mind had played it out… at all.

What was I supposed to eat now? I hadn’t had anything

since around noon, wanting to put the miles behind me,

and just get there already. Get there, to an ugly blue house

that was close to the beach, if you could get down the

mountain. Get there to a house without a bed or food. Get

there to a house that I had to wear my sunglasses inside

because the bright yellow paint hurt my eyes.

I unloaded my new belongings. I didn’t put

anything away in the bathroom. It seriously needed a good

scrubbing. Why didn’t I buy cleaning supplies at the dollar

store? At least I could have disinfected the tub. I used the

cheap strawberries, and cream shampoo and a new

washcloth to clean the tub, and then filled it with hot sudsy

water. It felt sensational, and the tension that had begun to

build again started to evaporate. I tried to think about my

new life and making the house my home, but my mind kept

drifting back to Drew. It had been four days now since I

had vanished from his life. I wondered about his reaction