Underground King And His Rider 2

By: Mimi Rose

The court room was filled to capacity with news reporters from every channel imaginable in the tristate area, security, and extra police, not to mention the spectators. Only a handful of people were in attendance for true support. Lights flashed as the media took in all that was going on in the court room. This was a high profile case and everybody and their mama wanted to get in on it.

After a year and a half, Iysis Amari Johnson, along with sixteen other offenders, was going to trial. Dontae was being tried on a different case and was not in the same court room nor on the same trial. Charges varied from traffic tickets, attempted murder, capital murder, drug trafficking, conspiracy, drug sales; hell, you name it and they were being charged with it. Word going around the media was that the judge was not playing games and planned on sending all of them to prison with three life sentences. No one was safe. Not even Johnny Cochran could have helped them get less time. At exactly nine o’ clock the judge came out, causing the flashing lights from the cameras to go crazy. Next came out the inmates and the court room was buzzing with chatter.

“Iysis, do you feel any remorse for what you have done to the community? Iysis, why did you kill all of those innocent people?” reporters questioned.

“You may be seated,” the bailiff said. Within moments, the trial was underway. It was mainly the DA presenting evidence. Two hours in, the judge called for a brief recess. Fifteen minutes was the allotted time, but that request changed everything. The judge was walking down from his stand when the wall behind him collapsed due to an explosion. Judge Myer was barely quick enough to get out of the way as the court room filled with smoke and debris. Everyone scrambled around in shock and all was quiet until gunfire erupted. Radios were squeaking and there was now returned gun fire. Every section of the courthouse was filled with smoke as smaller explosions were set off. The courthouse was in a complete uproar as a mixture of officers, jurors, reporters, and spectators clamored to get out of the double doors.

Outside, there was complete pandemonium. Smoke billowed out of the courthouse as the shooter’s successfully escaped by hopping into a beat up, rusty, brown Camaro. The chase was on with the police as they got a few blocks away from the court building. Rounding the corner, they jumped out of the Camaro and into an awaiting stretch limo that pulled off and blended into traffic. Once the police arrived onto the scene with the ditched Camaro, they spewed curse words because the shooters had gotten away from them so quickly. They all knew it would be hell to pay when they came back empty-handed.

In the limo, there was silence, with the exception of heavy breathing. The first shooter remarked, “Whew! And I thought I got a thrill out of deading a motherfucker. That got nothing on this.”

The other shooter said, “Welcome home.”

Jazlyn and Iysis exchanged smiles as the limo kept up with the speed limit. Iysis opened up the bag that was in the limo, which had her disguise in it. She quickly jumped out of her prison green garb and put on the white Levi ripped jeans, red and white Guess shirt, black Red Bottoms, and a black trench-like sweater. There was a wig that was black with purple tips in the bag with a pair of Gucci framed shades. At the very bottom of the bag was an IPhone 5 and a wad of money.

“Jazlyn, you didn’t have to get me a phone. Or give me this money,” Iysis commented with a smile.

“It’s the least I could do for all that you have done for me. By the way, those granny panties are so not you. It’s very unflattering,” Jazlyn responded with laughter.

“Oh, shut up.” Iysis joined in with the laughter. The rest of the drive was in silence. Within a half an hour, they had arrived back on Iysis’ stomping grounds, Red Hook.

“Are you ready?” Jazlyn asked Iysis.

“Oh yes. More than ready. I miss my baby girl.”

“Let’s go,” Jazlyn responded as they climbed out of the limo.

“It feels good to be back,” Iysis said to no one in particular.

Chapter One – Iysis

Federal prison. A place nobody wants to be. But that’s where I managed to land my ass. And not even that, I was pregnant. That was the icing on the cake. As I entered the tombs, all I could think of was me having to give birth to my baby inside of a jail cell. Entering the prison, I wasn’t scared. Nothing or no one put fear in my heart because my God was a loving God that always took care of me, no matter what I did.

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