Until I Saw You:Happily Ever Alpha(2)

By: Jordan Marie

I take in his words. I take them down deep. He doesn’t say anything else; he can’t because Ana and his son are here now and Ana goes into his waiting arms with a laugh. Roman pulls her close to him and crouches down, picking up his son, cradling them both to him.

“I missed you, Pet.”

“We missed you too,” she whispers sweetly. She lays her head on his chest, closing her eyes with a smile that is so full of joy I feel it.

Seeing them together, it makes me think maybe Roman is right…

If I ever had a good woman… I would gladly go on my knees to keep her.



I look at my empty shop and can’t help but be a little sad. It’s beautiful with its shining white tile floors, dark cabinets and LED lighting. All of my handmade products are lining streamlined shelves that are stained dark, but have backlighting in a moody blue—though sometimes I change the color to lavender—and it looks modern, sleek and top of the line. I’m so proud of this place. It, however, probably doesn’t blend in with the city of St. Augustine. Not at all. Which might be why it stays empty. It might also be why I will be forced to close the doors soon. It’s definitely why I’ve taken a side job as a night clerk at the local Best Western. It’s a shit job, and the hotel isn’t like Best Westerns away from here. The owner doesn’t care enough to keep it that clean. But it’s right on the beach and, despite its many two-star reviews, it stays booked up.

I direct my thoughts back to the here and now. My shop. Hopefully someday it will catch on and I won’t have to work anywhere else. I wipe off the counter for the third time today—not because it’s dirty, but because I need something to do. I’m so lost in my thoughts that I jump when the bell rings above the door and actual honest-to-God customers walk in. I try my best to tap down the urge to squeal in relief.

I manage barely.

I try to watch covertly as in walks a woman with a stunning body. She’s wearing a pink silk bohemian top with wide sleeves and a pair of white shorts that curve around her body perfectly. Her skin is tanned so golden I’m jealous and that jealousy doesn’t stop when I take in the high-heeled wedged sandals she’s wearing that have laces tied at the back of her calves. Her blond hair is in a long bob and it’s perfectly styled and shining. She takes off her expensive sunglasses as she looks around the shop. She’s gorgeous. Completely gorgeous and everything I’ve always wanted to be, but never could be. She could be a movie star and maybe she is—I don’t really keep up with that kind of thing. Following her is a tall, beefy hunk of a man with jet black hair wearing an expensively tailored pair of tan pants with a white shirt, which is long sleeved. It’s too damn hot for that type of clothes. This is Florida. But I have to admit the clothes look good on him—really good.

“Pet, don’t you think you’ve shopped enough?” the man says. He takes off his ridiculously expensive sunglasses—you can just tell from the frames. His voice drips with sex appeal, and despite the fact it’s not directed at me, my knees go weak.

“Do you even know me?” she laughs, turning into his arms, and the man’s face goes soft.

“Do you doubt it?”

“Not even a little,” she whispers and the look they share makes me blush. I look down at the counter, trying not to stare at them too openly.

What would it be like to have a love like that? To be so wrapped up in each other that the world around you ceases to exist? I’m so envious of them right now.

“Daddy! Dolphins!”

A little boy comes in that looks so much like the man holding the blonde that there’s no way to deny he’s the father. He’s holding the hand of another man and though I’ve try not to stare, I can’t help it. The man is about the same height as the first guy, but he’s broader. He’s wearing slacks and a black shirt—seriously, do these guys not notice how hot it is outside? At least his shirt has short sleeves and it reveals these huge biceps that remind me of tree trunks. He’s also very unlike the other man in that he’s covered in tattoos. There’s not a place on him that doesn’t have ink covering it. His neck, his arms, what I can see of his chest from the deep V collar of his shirt, and even his hands and fingers are all covered in ink. It would almost be intimidating if it wasn’t quite so beautiful. He doesn’t look like he fits in with the couple, but clearly he does, because he’s holding their son’s hand.

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