Until I Saw You:Happily Ever Alpha(4)

By: Jordan Marie

I look at it with distaste. I have some stuff I bought at the local Walmart that works fine. My sister is just crazy. She’s always trying to get me to buy better clothes, better shoes, and anything else she can think of. I know our lives have changed drastically now, I get it. Still, just because we don’t have to worry about money doesn’t mean I need to go out and spend it on shit I don’t want and will probably never use. I twist open the lid and scrunch my nose up as I take in the smell.

“No way,” I growl, putting the lid back on it.

“Why not?” Ana whines.

“I’m not putting anything on my beard that will leave me smelling like a damn lemon cake.”

“You like lemon cake,” Ana says obstinately.

“Not on my face. Absolutely not.”

“Allen, you need to—”

“Roman, speak to your wife, please?” I tag on the please because no one orders Roman around—and lives.


“This isn’t Roman’s—”

Before I can interrupt Ana, who has already spoken over top of Roman, the girl at the counter speaks up.

“You can honestly make one from home that will work just the same without the smell,” she says quietly.

I turn to look at her and for the first time really take her in. She’s standing there in a pale blue sleeveless dress that flows freely down her body. As she walks around the counter and comes toward me and Ana, I notice the dress goes all the way to her ankles. There’s no skin on her showing at all except her neck and collar bone and her arms. It’s so different than most women I’ve seen here in Florida. It’s not bad, just different. What is bad is that the dress falls so free and loose it doesn’t even hint at what kind of body she has underneath—and I’d really like to know.

Even if I shouldn’t.

“Say what?” I ask as she gets closer. Her steps fall just as soft as her voice. Every other step I see her foot peek out from under her dress, revealing black flip-flops and long toes. The tops of her nails are painted a clear gloss so they shine. Simple, understated, and somehow it manages to look… sexy. Her long brown hair has been brushed until it shines and it’s kept in a large pony tail that starts at the top of her head and swishes when she walks. Her face doesn’t have makeup on it. She has the same clear gloss on her lips that caught my eye on her toes. Even her fingernails are fixed that way.

Something about her calls to me more than any other woman I’ve met—maybe because she isn’t trying with clothes and makeup, I have no idea, but it’s true.

“I said you could make that at home. Really you don’t need to make anything, just buy some coconut oil at the store.”

“Coconut oil?”

“Yeah, that’s basically what this is. I’ve just added a few things to help with growth and scents… lemongrass on this particular one,” she says in her same quiet voice, and she blushes as she gets closer to me.

“Aren’t you in business to make money?”


“I mean, you’re telling me not to buy something instead of pushing more products my way,” I explain, watching in fascination as her blush deepens.

“Well, you didn’t like my product,” she argues back, reaching up to take the bottle from me. She does have to reach up too, because I’m a good seven inches or so taller than her. She’s tiny. Tiny, beautiful, and…dangerous to my wellbeing.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

“You did, you—”

“Only that I didn’t want to smell like a lemon cake. A man likes to smell like a man,” I explain to her, enjoying the way she blushes again.

“Try this one,” she responds, her voice nervous. She reaches up to another shelf and hands me a second bottle. I give her the one I’m holding and look at the new offering doubtfully.

“Is this one going to make me smell like flowers?” I ask, unable to stop myself from grinning at her.

“This scent is very manly,” she laughs, opening it up.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice Ana walking away, but I forget everyone in the room but this girl. Her effect is that potent to me.

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