Until I Saw You:Happily Ever Alpha

By: Jordan Marie

Part of the Aurora Rose Reynolds Happily Ever After Kindle World

At first glance, I knew you were mine.

Your smile captured me and refused to let me go.

I’m too dirty to touch you; too tainted from my past.

You deserve better.

But you’re the one thing I can’t run from.

I thought love wasn’t for me.

I was prepared to walk this world alone.

Until I Saw You.


When first approached about this Kindle World, I squealed. Very few books you read stick with you through the years. Until November was one of those books for me. To me there just could not be a better couple than November and Asher. I sprinkled them in here, because they’re my go-to couple when I need a book to hide from the world. I hope you enjoy Jessie and Allen’s story, and I hope, though there’s no way I can deliver ARR’s signature Boom, you find a place in your heart to love them.





I watch Roman as Ana walks toward him, his son holding her hand and yelling at his dad. Roman smiles. That’s no small miracle; my boss was not a man known to smile or to be easy going. He was a man others went to great pains to stay away from.

Until Ana.

My sister worked a miracle in this man, and I think she understands that, if the answering smile on her face is anything to go by.

“When did you know you loved my sister?” I ask, not planning on questioning him, but unable to stop myself.

Roman and I don’t have that relationship, not really. Then again, Roman doesn’t share with anyone but Ana. Still, I owe the man everything. He saved me. I was drowning and waiting for death. I did everything I could to die. I fucking hated myself. There are still days that I do. Days when the darkness behind me tries to swallow me again. I beat it down by sheer will, but I never forget that it is there, nipping at my back, wanting to consume me—I’d be a fool to forget.

“From the moment I first saw her,” he says easily and I can see from his face he’s completely serious.

“Get the fuck out of here,” I answer, shaking my head no.

“I may not have called it love, Allen, but the moment I saw her I had to have her and after talking to her, I knew she was mine.”

“I think that’s called lust, Boss, and I’m not sure I want to talk about my sister like that.”

“You asked. Call it what you want, Allen, but the truth is I never wanted to let her go and I never planned on it. I called it a million things, but I was full of shit.”

He turns his head from me to look at my sister again. Roman is a tall man, with so much muscle he probably doesn’t need to employ us to guard him and his family, but he does. His dark hair has a dusting of gray that’s just becoming visible and he’s clean shaven. His suit is impeccably pressed and his Rolex gleams in the sunlight. On his hand is his wedding band and it’s not visible but I’ve seen it. Under that ring is a tattoo of just one name: Ana.

“She’s something else,” I tell him, and I mean it. Ana risked her life to save me, and because of her Roman did save me. I didn’t deserve her love; I did everything I could to destroy her—I blamed her. I blamed her for shit I shouldn’t have. Still, she stood behind me and she did it asking the one man she should have stayed away from for help.

“That she is, Allen.”

“You’re a lucky man, Roman.”

Ana and little Roman will be here any minute. We’re standing on the deck, waiting for them. They are crossing to the loading deck and Roman’s security team is following close behind. He keeps them close to his family. He once told me when a man has everything to lose, he keeps it guarded like the treasure it is. I liked that. I liked that my sister was treated like a precious treasure. I want that for her. After the hell she’s been through—and the hell I put her through—she more than deserves that.

“Allen, you may not believe me now, but mark my words. One day a woman will walk in your life and turn everything upside down. You’ll take one look at her and you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a bolt of lightning.”


“You will go down on your knees to keep her and if she’s a good woman, Allen, you’ll do it gladly.”

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