Uptown Girl:A Short Story

By: Kim Karr

(Sexy Jerk World Book 4)

Chapter 1


Ethan Miller

The judge’s frown was more than just the usual stoic look that a public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law normally wore. This magistrate wasn’t just mad—he was downright pissed off—at me, and at her. Still, even knowing this didn’t shut me up.

“I object!” I voiced without a second thought. Hey, as opposing counsel, it was my right especially given the lack of foundation being presented, as she offered poorly established evidence.

Over the rim of his glasses, the judge gave me a glare that made the hair on the back of my neck curl.

Okay, so what if the defense attorney was only arguing a simple motion. I wanted to object. No, I had to object.

I had to shut her up.

After thirty days of standing in the same courtroom as Fiona Hargrave, breathing the same air she breathed, watching the way her tight little ass moved as she strode down the aisle in those fuck me pumps, and sporting an erection the size of a steel rod all goddamn day long, I would have objected to just about anything that pretty little mouth had to say.

The truth was—every time those full red lips moved, all I could think about was how they would feel wrapped around my cock, and the thought was messing with my professionalism.

It was ticking me off.

The harsh sound of the gavel was loud in my ears. “Overruled!” the judge shouted, or maybe spat.

I tried to back up my objection with undisputed facts, but he spoke right over me. “This hearing is adjourned for the day. It will be continued tomorrow at nine a.m. sharp.”

I glanced at the large clock. It wasn’t even four in the afternoon. My eyes darted to the defense attorney, who, by the look of the O that had formed on her luscious lips, was just as shocked as me.

Right as I started to place my legal briefs and file folders neatly in my briefcase, the judge cleared his throat. “Mr. Miller and Ms. Hargrave, the early dismissal doesn’t include either of you.”

Fiona paused with her messenger bag already on her shoulder, and stared up at him. “Your Honor?” she questioned.

I, on the other hand, was being smart and kept my mouth shut.

The judge must not have had the same fondness for beautiful women that I did because his responding glare was the same as the one I had received moments earlier. “I want to see the two of you in my chambers, now!”

Shit, this was not good.

For me, or her.

The eight-minute walk to his office seemed to take forever, and I was certain once the three of us arrived we weren’t going to be talking about baseball.

The older robed man opened the giant wooden door that led to his chambers and hurriedly escorted Fiona and I through it. I glanced around. There were piles of thick law books and old files haphazardly stacked everywhere. The clutter would have been enough to drive me mad.

To my surprise, we didn’t stop beside his desk to confer on the case, but rather, Fiona and I were practically shoved into an adjoining conference room. The judge did not step inside himself though, instead he stood just outside the threshold. “Ethan and Fiona,” he addressed casually, “I have to meet my wife for dinner by five. That means the two of you have less than thirty minutes to work out your hostility.”

Fiona and I both protested. “We have nothing to work out,” I barked. “We don’t have anything to say to each other,” she quipped.

He held up a hand to silence us, but at least his eyes were no longer filled with rage. “Obviously, you do. After all, the two of you have been arguing over the most trivial issues, and to be honest the evidence presented on both sides is lacking. I’m tempted to sanction you both for wasting the court’s time.”

I inwardly sighed.

Fiona, on the other hand, wasn’t so inconspicuous. Her eyes went wide. They were puppy dog eyes, and they made me want to, well, I’m not sure what. “Your honor is that really necessary?” she asked softly. “That would not be fair or just to my client. This case has been pending way too long, and he deserves justice.”

That left me with nothing to say that wouldn’t piss the judge off, but again, that didn’t stop me. “Your Honor, that is total bullshit, and she knows it.”

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