Vampire X:The Beginning

By: Cyndi Goodgame

Vampire X:The Beginning

Vampire for Hire

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Vampire For Hire


A job that is wrought with danger, full of secrets, and pays more than two months waiting tables. Who wouldn’t take it? Lexlie Carter takes the job. And changes her life forever.

Chapter One The Job of a Lifetime

NIGHT AIR is always said to be refreshing and has the ability to clean the senses. Whoever termed it that way didn’t spend their nights in the lower neighborhoods of Dallas searching out work to put food in their stomach.

The jobs weren’t always so easy to find nor were the higher-class clients. Lexlie Carter had a waitress job at one of the chain restaurants in the upper class neighborhood where she drove forty minutes a day to make about eighty bucks for seven hours work. Rocket was a favorite among the rich and careless though the name changed regularly with new management. No matter what people said about rich folks, they weren’t always giving and their pockets weren't often turned out. So her nights were filled with finding work in other ways. Legal ways. She refused to sell illegal items, use her body for anything, and lacked the skills to work a “career” as the high school counselors once designed the “afterlife” adult stage of life to be. Well, not for Lexlie's brand of human anyway.

But something inside of her was always in search of something. What that something was, was still a mystery. A restless search for something unordinary like herself.

Last week she received a voice message on her cell phone asking for her surreptitious-like “services” that would pay more than two months wages at the restaurant alone. A delusionist. He didn’t elaborate on the direct meaning of the term, but she left it alone and remained in tune to the offer at hand. To get the terms of payment and details of the assignment, she would have to go to Club Toxin and meet with a guy named Rob who would be at the bar with a brown vest on. She was reluctant at first, but sailed towards the club at ten o’clock p.m. sharp and found the man. He’d been rather tall, well built, and uncommonly gorgeous. In fact, much of the men behind the bar and seated were that way. Unfocused from the sight, Lexlie found herself willing to take the job regardless of the danger it screamed. The man was hot, but he was also distinguishly dressed, though rugged and could be labeled, in her opinion, lethal to the heart and soul.

His dark eyes, gray maybe, led her back to a side room office where he outlined his particular task requested of her. She would return the next night and every night until she acquired the needed information. It wasn’t the worst job she’d taken but it was certainly the most interesting and well decorated one.

Chapter Two The Unexpected Delivery

In the past, Lexlie took jobs with the various police stations around the larger Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to make ends meat. Paying a couple hundred here and there for helping put a thief or murderer in prison was worth the measly amount. There were only a few sundry criminals she couldn’t extract the information from and most likely, they were innocent anyway. It beat waiting tables and it gave her something to help avoid the loneliness. Yeah, she had a few oddball waitressing friends whom shared her weirdness factor in the sisterly side of her life, but most didn’t want to see her reactions or live with the guilt of what she might know about them. Or at least, that’s how she guessed they would be if had any. She saw herself zigging when everyone else zags.

Since no one, no one, had knocked on her door in over two years, she wasn’t sure it was what she heard when it happened. Lexlie didn’t make friends because she hated hearing voices in their heads. Half dressed from rising in the morning and still in her sleep shorts, she didn’t think about answering the door but just opened it. It wasn’t like she’d ever needed to worry with it before.

Outside the door was a man. A tall, well built monster of a man like all the crew from the night before. He had the same handsome looks as the rest with that kind of biker look that held a more regal air if it were possible. Clean shaven and well manicured nails, carefully placed belt that buckled with a flashy silver X across the center, and speckless boots that were halfway hidden under military style pants. Unfortunately, she noticed all of this and absolutely hated her drawn out eye service. Even the Charger shirt displaying a well-known rock group whom she’d seen in concert on many occasions now. Of course, she’d always gone alone to concerts as well.

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