Vampire's Eve (Vamp Life Book 1)(4)

By: Jez Strider

“Thank you. They’re beautiful.” I indulged in a long kiss to reaffirm my sincerity. “What’s the occasion?”

He grinned infectiously. “Well… it’s been two months since you saved Lewis, which means, two months since we met.” His strong arms lifted me up and my legs wrapped around him. “I thought maybe you deserved a real date before I take you in all sorts of inappropriate ways.” In such an enticing position, I doubted we’d make it to the real date part. “You’ll have to forgive me.” His words were muffled as he nibbled at my neck and carried me to my office. With a quick rake of his hand, my desk was cleared of debris and I was placed on it. “If you weren’t so freakin' hot….”

Marcus showing up was probably the best thing for me. All the jumbled thoughts in my mind were pushed away by his skilled touch. Protesting was never a thought in my mind as he had his way with me in my office. My need for him to get rid of all the worry was real and with each thrust he pushed the anxiety further away. “This is the best real date I’ve ever been on…,” I groaned out breathlessly.

He flashed that wicked, naughty little smirk of his before entwining his hand in my hair and pulling every so often to guide my body. I trembled when he gazed intensely into my eyes for a long moment then closed his own tightly with mouth hanging ajar as he released. Slowly, I leaned up enjoying a long kiss.

“Amazing….” He winced with satisfaction as he backed away, helping me off the desk. “Again?” His smirk returned when he asked and I spun around, bending invitingly over my desk.


The sun had begun to set by the time we exited the vet clinic hand in hand with flushed cheeks. The last rays of sunlight glistened on the ocean. The sight always stopped me in my tracks. There had only been a few times in my life I hadn’t lived near water. I felt more at home surrounded by it. In the distance, I could see the lights of the recently built amusement park.

“How about we go down to the boardwalk and grab a bite before I take you home?” Marc asked as we walked toward my car. I still hadn’t decided for sure, despite my determination in front of Antonio, if I was running away. I figured I didn’t have to decide tonight.

“Sure, but only if I get a funnel cake.” My grin widened when Marcus rolled his eyes.

Blood is great and all, but junk food holds such a special place in my heart.

“Whatever you want, it’s near the lift anyway and we’ll take a ride.” The ride was one of those chair lifts that carry you over the boardwalk. “It’s no wonder you keep those diet drinks in the fridge. You get those deep fried cakes every time we go to the boardwalk.” He laughed at me as we headed toward the amusement park.

“You better watch it. You’re treading on dark territory if we get into it about my weight.” I was only sort of kidding. The time period I was born in, women were accepted and liked for being... What’s the best way to describe it? Buxom, pleasantly plump, or maybe best of all rubenesque? Becoming a vampire hadn’t changed that. I was still heartily blessed with large breasts and a noticeable ass.

“Babe, I’m just kidding. You’re perfect.” He sounded apologetic. Sometimes he could be too blunt. I liked his recovery, though. I don’t care how many years I’ve been around. Being told I’m perfect never gets old or stops making me feel good.

After finishing off my treat, and Marc his beer and chicken wings, we headed over to the ride. I found the lift to be a romantic spot. The noise and smell of the park below and the view of the ocean, especially as it was getting dark, was amazing. I cuddled against Marcus and he draped his arm around me. Lots of things can be romantic. It’s not just fancy restaurants and jewelry. All the sounds of laughter and happiness drifted upward to us.

“We don’t do stuff like this enough,” he said, choosing his words carefully so I didn’t balk at the concept.

Any other day, I’d have been more defensive. Not that day. Not after everything that had happened in the past twenty-four. All I said was, “Yeah.”

A few more moments passed before he spoke again. “Just wondering, you know… if you’d think about letting go of some of the rules. It’s not a big deal. I wanted to throw the idea out there.”

I’m not a fool, well, most of the time anyway. I saw the relationship escalation coming. “Tomorrow is a work day. Why don’t you spend the night?” Maybe it was a small concession, but it was a major change for me to break the rules of our relationship.

He relaxed and affectionately squeezed me with his arm. “Let’s run by my place and I’ll feed the dog, then we’ll head over to yours.”

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