Vampire's Eve (Vamp Life Book 1)(41)

By: Jez Strider

“I love you so much.” The wide smile on his face said it all and his eyes only held excitement now. He turned off the faucet and tossed me a towel.

We both dried off and climbed into my bed. He held me tightly, stroking my hair. A flash of lightning lit up the room followed by a loud crack of thunder. The dog bolted frantically into the room and jumped into the bed with us, shaking.

“Did I mention he’s terrified of storms?” Marcus reached down and patted his friend on the side. “That’s exactly why he ran out in front of a car the day I brought him to you.”

Our mutual love for animals made me more confident we belonged together. “At least we have a big bed.” I laughed, though the thunder made me a bit uneasy. The recent storm that turned my life upside down was over, but I knew the calm would only last so long before another came along.


The next morning I awoke to the clattering of cooking going on in the kitchen. I was hungry until I got a whiff of the sausage and eggs. “Oh god….” I covered my mouth and raced to the master bath in my bedroom. When I had thoroughly emptied my stomach into the toilet bowl and flushed, I stayed seated on the floor with my back against the bathtub. “No, not possible.” Over and over again I repeated the words to myself as I stared at the lavender bath rug.

“Breakfast!” my fiancé called cheerfully from the kitchen.

“O… okay!” Apparently he hadn’t heard me vomiting in the bathroom. Good. Best not to say anything until I was sure. I grabbed his phone before walking into the kitchen. The food wasn't appetizing, but I would manage to force it down.

Marcus looked me over. “You feel alright?” He set a plate of food in front of me as I took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Mmhmm.” I nodded. Liar, I silently chastised myself. When he turned away to grab his plate, I slipped the dog some of my food. “I’m going to text Ashley and have her bring my cat home.” Quickly, I shoved a bite of food into my mouth and started chewing. It wasn’t a lie. I did want my cat home.

There was another request I sent my friend. I deleted the history of the message after I hit send. It read,

Bring me a pregnancy test.


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