Vampire's Eve (Vamp Life Book 1)

By: Jez Strider

Book Description

Evelyn Angel has a rewarding job, amazing best friend, and promising love interest. The fact she's a vampire is lost on those who surround her on a daily basis.

When a former lover returns and attempts to murder her, the perfect little life she's created for herself is turned upside down. Not only does she have to survive, she must decide which man she truly loves.

The past is catching up with her in a deadly way.

Vampire's Eve is book one in the Vamp Life series.


This book is dedicated to my parents and my boyfriend. They always have faith in me when I lack it. To anyone who's ever felt more at home in their local library or bookstore, this is for you, too.

Vampire's Eve


“You’re a million miles away, babe,” Marcus said as I stared lost in thought up at the ceiling fan. His hand slowly coiled around my waist and he pulled me closer against him in the bed.

Marcus Hart was ruggedly handsome with his jet black hair tucked behind pierced ears. Whenever he wanted anything, it was hard to say no to his baby blues. His grandfather had immigrated to America from Cuba, and Marc had inherited many of his ancestor's traits. Those genes mixed with those of his family of European descent combined to give him handsome, unique features.

Often, there was car grease underneath his fingernails. It didn’t bother me. I admired him for working hard. He was only twenty-two, which was a plus. The younger they were, the longer they had to live. My brown wavy hair and dark green eyes complimented his looks. We were a sexy couple. Not that I’m saying we were a couple.

The day I’d met him would have stopped me in my tracks even if he hadn’t been bloody and carrying his wounded golden retriever through the front door of my veterinary clinic. That day I’d saved his best friend’s life and Marc had repaid me many times over since.

I playfully yelped and grinned when he grabbed me, pretending to fight against his advances. Finally, I gave up and leaned in to kiss his lips. After a few moments, I broke away. “Sorry. I have work early tomorrow. Gonna have to get some sleep.” With both hands resting against his bare chest, I shoved. He didn’t budge.

After successfully seducing me to compliance with more cuddling and kisses, he climbed out of my king size and into his faded jeans. My cat, Lucia, immediately hopped into the bed reclaiming her dominion. “Yeah, I know. No sleeping over during the work week. It’s damn hard to resist,” he said.

Marcus was right. It was hard to resist. But I’d set my rules and was sticking to them. We walked together to the door. “Call me tomorrow. Don’t forget to tell Lewis I said hello.” Lewis was his dog and he’d healed up nicely in the past couple of months. The dog’s namesake was Marc’s favorite football player.

“A’ight.” He kissed me one more time before heading out. There were no “I love yous” …they were against the rules, too.

I closed the door with a sigh and headed over to my sofa. It was true that I had work early the next day, although, I’d actually just needed the alone time I had become so accustomed to. My mind was caught in the past. It wasn’t uncommon. Having so many years of memories will do that to you. I found the playlist on my MP3 player labeled “Fire and Ice” and hit play. The collection was an album filled with love songs from the 16th century.

As the music filled my home, I picked up a bottle of nail polish, rolling it between my palms to mix the solution. I was no longer in modern day, but in Venice during the Renaissance. The musicians played songs in the streets as I prepared for my night on the town. My head reclined back as I reveled in the memories of humanity, memories of a world long gone. I suppose we never really forget where we come from or who we were in our human life. It’d been many lifetimes since I’d been home, but I found myself wanting to show Marcus. How ridiculous. He didn’t even know what I was.

Becoming so immersed in my thoughts was dangerous, but it had been a long time since I’d seen another vampire or felt hunted. Hiding what I am is relatively easy with all the false superstitions and myths planted in the media. No one suspects a person is a vampire when they walk around in broad daylight and basically look like a normal human. I usually attribute my youth to good genes and lack of sun damage. Medical research supports the claims on the effects of too much sun. Besides, I rarely stay in one area longer than about fifteen years. My early life was hectic, but I’d mostly avoided trouble in recent years.

I should have known better than to let my guard down.

I leaned up to start painting my toenails when my mind finally returned to the present. Before I could begin, a gloved hand covered my mouth. A normal intruder I could have easily bested. There had been more than one time when I’d been cornered in an alleyway. Oh no, but this was no normal deviant. He was stronger… far stronger than I was. My fangs extended and dug into his hand. Blood began to trickle from the wounds. Unfortunately, the attacker didn’t seem fazed by the bite. It had to be another vampire. My maker, I knew, had finally found me and was delivering punishment for my rebellion.

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