Wanting Jordie: Darkfall Mountain Pack 7

By: Fel Fern
Darkfall Mountain Pack 7

Chapter One

Jordie Simmons glared at the bedroom door, as if he could magically will either the door or himself closer. Nothing. What did he expect? Grunting, Jordie spent the next five minutes positioning himself near the edge of his bed. Crutches came next. Gripping the bars, Jordie hoisted himself up, hissing between his teeth and letting his upper body take the weight.

“One more week and the cast comes off,” Jordie mumbled, making his way out of his bedroom.

He could have asked for Zack’s help anytime. He heard Zack moving in the apartment. Jordie squinted through his bedroom blinds, expecting the afternoon sun at least, but outside was pitch black. Jesus. How long did he sleep?

His stomach growled, confirming the truth. The last time he ate had been early this morning, judging by the empty bag of Cheetos on the floor. Way to go in proving to Zack he could be an independent adult. Zack wasn’t bad for a brother.

When their parents died in a car accident when Jordie was sixteen, Zack took over raising him, refusing to let the foster care system take Jordie. Jordie knew it hadn’t been easy for Zack, who’d been bitten by a werewolf and was trying to learn to control his beast. To help with the transition, they moved from the city to the small town of Darkfall, where the wolf who bit Zack mentored him.

Despite being close to his brother, Jordie didn’t like being fussed over.

“Jordie, are you awake?” called Zack from outside.

“I’m coming.” Jordie gritted his teeth.

With his supernatural hearing, Zack very well knew he was up and about. The doorknob rattled before Jordie could get to it. Before he could yell at Zack, “he could do it himself,” Zack was back in the kitchen, pretending nothing happened. Stupid werewolf. He loved Zack, but sometimes Zack conveniently forgot humans weren’t always fragile.

“How are you feeling? Did you take your medication?” Zack asked, regarding him.

Jordie glowered at him. “Zack, I’m twenty-three. Stop treating me like I’m some idiotic kid who doesn’t know better.”

Zack snarled. “Stop acting like one. You got into that car with Nestor, knowing the bastard had one too many beers to drink.”

Flustered, Jordie could do nothing but engage in a glaring match with his brother. The old Jordie would have walked out, but that would only prove he hadn’t changed one bit. No one could fault Jordie. He tried to make something of himself. After college, he tried living by himself in the city, hoping to score a job with a reputable accounting firm. No one was hiring and Jordie didn’t exactly come from a top-grade college. His savings started to dwindle, so Jordie had no choice but to return home, tail hanging between his legs.

That led to meeting his childhood friend Nestor, getting hammered at their favorite bar, and the accident.

Looking tired, Zack nodded to the pizza boxes on the kitchen counter. “Help yourself. I’m heading out to help take care of pack business. Matt is coming over.”

Jordie’s spine prickled at the mention of Zack’s best friend. “Fuck, bro. I don’t need a babysitter.”

For the first time since he arrived, Zack lost his cool. Figure blurring, Zack gripped his shoulders. Jordie breathed through his nostrils. He knew Zack would never hurt him, but it was the worry in Zack’s eyes that stumped him, and filled him with guilt.

“Jordie, I can’t lose you, too.”

Swallowing, Jordie’s anger evaporated. Zack did his best. If their positions were reversed, Jordie would be pissed, too. Jordie could suck it up and let his big brother fuss over him for one more week. Why did it have to be Matt out of everyone else, though?

The werewolves of the Darkfall Mountain Pack took turns raising Jordie when Matt had something to take care of. Jordie knew every shifter by heart and saw them as members of his extended family, but Matt was different. Jordie had a crush on Matt for as long as he could remember. The naïve him back then thought they could be perfect together. Hell, Jordie knew he wanted Matt the moment Zack introduced them.

Too bad Matt only saw Jordie as Zack’s kid brother, nothing else but a favor for Zack. With his heart still raw from a break-up, Jordie didn’t think he could stand to be in the same room as Matt. His high school graduation party still burned fresh in his mind. Drunk and giddy, Jordie finally got the courage to steal from Matt’s sinfully sexy lips.

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