What I Did On My Summer Vacation(Harlequin Blaze)(78)

By: Thea Devine & Debbi Rawlins & Samantha Hunter

As her kisses drifted lower, utter happiness stole over him, and he knew—he just knew—that all was right in the world. Love, passion and happiness formed a trifecta of bliss. She loved him. As he loved her. Edie was his, and nothing else mattered. The rest was details.

He looked deeply into her eyes, making sure. “Are you sure? You want something more serious? I have to be sure, Edie. No reservations?”

“No, no reservations, but I plan on sticking around, anyway,” she said confidently, and showed him how certain she was for the rest of the morning.

Also By Thea Devine & Debbi Rawlins & Samantha Hunter

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