When a Lioness Pounces(68)

By: Eve Langlais

Arik was livid. “How could you let them videotape?”

“It’s not like they saw what we were or who we were.” Indeed, just like a comic book, the use of a mask and a bodysuit blinded everyone to who they were. As a matter of fact, their masked identity made them only more desirable.

Although everyone got their names wrong. Reba’s P became Perky. Luna’s S turned into Sassy—which totally made her snarl. The other girls got nicknames too, some better than others. As for Gaston, his face was blurry, and he became known as the Sorcerer, the coolest name of them all, which also made Arik even more livid.

It seemed the pride alpha and the boys had gotten caught by the cops speeding on their way to the graveyard and spent a few hours downtown getting charged with reckless driving. That little favor cost the biatches, but it was well worth it not to share the fun with the guys.

And the fun didn’t stop with the graveyard. It seemed Gaston lived a more interesting life than expected, or so Reba discovered when he took her back to Europe to visit one of his hidden estates. Someone had a title and a castle.

“You may call me your ladyship,” she told her crew during a live video call from one of her four living rooms. Her biatches were so jealous.

The new role she played meant she had to upgrade her closet. Being the wife of a necromancer meant having outfits for every occasion.

“I’m a sorcerer, not a vampire,” he remarked when he saw her dressed in her floor-length, form-fitting red gown with black lace trim.

“Is this your way of saying you don’t like my dress?” She rubbed her hands over the fabric, skimming her curves.

“You do realize we’re attending dinner with a few heads of state tonight?”

“Which is why I didn’t wear panties. I figure we should have just enough time between the main course and dessert to slip away.” She tossed Tony a coy smile with a hint of wicked.

“How did I ever live without you?”

Because of their connection, she heard the reply to his own question. Before you, I didn’t live at all. You are my life. Just like he was her reason for pouncing.


* * *

“I need you deliver something safely.” That was the only instruction the boss gave Jean Francois, other than telling him to wait on the airstrip.

And wait. If Jean were a less patient man, he would have left, but the boss paid for his cell phone data, so he contented himself watching an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix.

The sports car, a bright cherry red that surprisingly enough didn’t come with a trail of screaming cop cars, screeched to a halt outside the plane. A curvy redhead in an outfit that should never see the light of day popped out of it, holding aloft a box.

At last. The package for delivery. About time.

“I’ll take that.” He held out a hand for it.

“Aren’t you just a dollface. Thank you.” She beamed as she handed it to him. His arms dropped at the weight.

“What the hell is in this thing? Rocks? A dead body?” One never knew with his boss.

“I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. All I can say is I need it.”

“Need it for what?” he asked as she skipped toward the outside set of stairs leading up to the open door of the plane.

“We’ll need it for our trip to the tropics.”

We? “Our?”

“Didn’t Gaston tell you? You’re coming with me.”

She was the package? “There must be a mistake.”

“No mistake, sweetcheeks. Once you store that box on board, don’t forget to grab my luggage in the trunk.”

“I think there’s been a mistake. No one said anything about a trip.” Surely Gaston didn’t hate him that much. He’d bet this was the work of his boss’s new girlfriend. Sending him away with her pet cat. Do I look like a pet sitter?

The feline in question didn’t seem to notice his reluctance. She paused in the doorway of the plane, one foot still on the top step, a vibrant sight that drew his eye—and a red pinprick of light from a laser sight.


The End – until Stacey returns in When A Lioness Growls

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