Wild Love (Wilding Pack Wolves 2)

By: Alisa Woods


She programs a dating app for shifters.

He’s an ex-Army shifter with a dark secret.

Their worlds are about to collide…

Noah Wilding’s family is being targeted by an anti-shifter hate group—so he took a medical leave from the Army to return home and help out. At least, that’s the story he’s told everyone... and he hopes his dark secret will stay buried in Afghanistan.

Emily Jones is the lead programmer for WildLove, the new app that hooks up shifters and humans for a night of hot sex and no commitments. Only she hasn’t had a date herself in years… ever since that dark day when her family didn’t protect her when she needed them most. She figures one magical night with a hot wolf will help her finally move on with her life.

When Noah swipes right for Emily, she thinks her dream one-night-stand is about to come true. But with a hate group planting car bombs during WildLove hookups, Noah and Emily are on the front lines of love. They have to hunt down a killer before he strikes again… and before they do more than heat up the sheets. Because humans and shifters might get “Wild for a Night”… but they’re not supposed to fall in love.

Noah Wilding hiked up the stairs to the second floor of the motel. He couldn’t decide if he wanted this time to be like the last three hookups—a couple hours of raging hot sex with a human female until both of them were worn out from the sheer intensity and repeated orgasms—or if he wanted to finally flush out the bad guy so his pack could catch the bastard.

Tough choice.

“How about you leave the mic on this time, Noah?” The voice coming over his earbud was scratched with a bit of static, but he easily recognized Jimmy, who could give him a run for Horniest Unmated Wolf in the River pack. The kid was barely eighteen to Noah’s twenty-one and would’ve traded places with Noah in a heartbeat.

“Or maybe you could just get the job done a little faster?” That was Jace River, his sister’s mate and one of the three River brothers who ran Riverwise, the security firm that Noah, Jimmy, and the rest of the pack worked for. “I mean, really? Two hours. What takes you so long?”

Laughter came over the earbud from the rest of the assholes in the pack van.

“Come on, man, leave the mic on.” Jimmy again, pleading. “I want to learn from the Master.”

“You guys are a bunch of perverts,” he whispered into his mic, which was sewn into his collar. He tried not to be obvious about talking into his clothes, not that there was anyone lingering around the motel balcony at ten o’clock at night for this app-mediated booty call. “If you losers weren’t all so ugly, maybe you could be on the front lines like me.” He smirked at the roar of protests that flooded his earbud.

Noah paused at the door—number twenty-three—trying to get in the right frame of mind and forget the assholes who were listening in.

He pictured the face he had seen on the WildLove app—pretty, young like him, sparkling blue eyes—just the kind of soft, innocent-looking face that would lure in a hot-blooded shifter. This new dating app run by the Seattle Shifters Dating Agency had gotten wildly popular once a hate group decided to start targeting shifters. That had cleared out the downtown shifter bars—it just wasn’t safe to gather in groups these days—which left a lot of shifters very horny with not a lot to do about it. The app was genius for hooking up shifters with willing humans, which was apparently the new rage among Seattle’s hipsters… until someone started planting car bombs while the couple was tangled in the sheets.

Two shifters had been hit in the last two months—both survived, but that only proved how damn hard it was to kill them. Riverwise had teamed up with the dating agency to go undercover and hunt down whoever was doing this before they succeeding in killing someone… not to mention put the dating agency out of business.

Which was why he was here.

“Okay, perverts,” Noah whispered into his mic. “I’m going in. Mic is switching off, but let me know if you see anything. And keep your chatter to a minimum. It’s hard to get it up with you guys in my ear.”