Without You I Have Nothing To Lose

By: Queeny Pitts
An Outlaw Love Story

Chapter 1


I swayed my way into the Mayor's ball, head high with confidence wearing my fitted floral print, all black Tom Ford dress with a small train behind it and my six-inch Tom Fords to match.

My best friend, Avery, was on the side of me rocking a royal blue Chanel dress with a split on the side, with extra cleavage showing. She finished her outfit with royal blue peep toe red bottoms. Me and my bitch slayed!

"Beautiful, you came!" Senator Henry complimented, pulling me into a hug.

"I told you I would. This is my best friend Jean, Jean this is Senator Henry," I started introducing the two.

"Nice meeting you," Jean replied as they shook hands.

Jean was Avery's middle name, the only name she goes by when we’re not doing business. I on the other hand, just called me Simone.

"My friends will be more than glad to meet you, shall we?"

Jean and I walked behind Henry over to the bar ordering champagne while making small talk with everyone. There were former mayors, senators, chairmen, judges and more, you name it they were here.

Jean had engaged in conversation with some guy, so I excused myself going to the bathroom. I didn't have to use it. I just wanted to get away and get this night over with, I didn't have any interest in Senator Henry nor did I find him attractive all at. I was only here to get my job done.

I went inside the bathroom, checked my make-up, re-applied my Mac lip gloss, and then washed my hands before leaving out. I decided to head back to the party and, I guess I’ll get this night over with so I could go home and rest.


"Sorry Ms. Lady."

Not looking caused me to bump into this tall, at least 6’4” dark skinned guy, nicely muscular body with the perfect white teeth and smile, and I dropped my clutch. Not realizing I was staring, he cleared his throat laughing a bit.

"Watching where you're going!" I sassed slightly annoyed he caught me starring.

Like damn watching where you're going my nigga, almost knocked me down to the floor!

He shook his head laughing before picking up my purse and walking off. I made my way back to Jean seeing her exchange numbers with someone, networking!

"Bitch, how long we gone be here? These lame ass niggas ain't bout shit-"

"But some money! Dollar signs," I said cutting her off.

I didn't want to be here just as she didn't, but we need to meet some clients and being home wasn't going to get us that.

"Let me check with Henry," She nodded and walked off.

"Okay I'm going to the car." I waved her off going to find my ugly ass date. He was conversing with some people I didn't know and didn't care to know.

"Hey handsome," I wrapped my arms around his waist interrupting his conversation, he looked back smiling.

"Hey. Fellas this is my gorgeous date Simone." Blushing and stepping to side, I gave a shy wave still wrapped around Henry.

"Gorgeous she is. Nice to meet you, Sean Blakemore," he said extending his hand for me.

I instantly got a bad vibe from this guy just by his introduction. I hesitantly shook his hand and snatched back.

"Yeah you too. Hey can we get out of here?" I whispered looking around.

I had only been here a short period of time and that was long enough for me. These rich people were rubbing me the wrong way. I couldn't take too much of them without thinking bad things.

"We can get out of here, that's fine."

Henry said goodnight to his fellow colleague's before we made our way to his black suburban. The driver helped me open the door and I got Inside pulling my phone out to send a message to Jean letting her know the show was about to start.

When we pulled up to this huge mansion with an even longer driveway leading to the house, I stretched my eye's in amazement. The place itself was breathtaking. Nicely mowed lawn, two beautiful waterfall statues in the front yard, and almost every foreign car you could think of in the driveway.

"This is nice!" he smiled looking at me before the car came to a stop.

"Thanks. Come have a look inside shall we." Taking my hand, Henry helped me out of the car, through the garage to the back door where he then unlocked it and led us inside.

I carefully followed behind him and the inside was amazingly beautiful as well. The kitchen had all black appliances and a high crystal chandelier. The living room was stunning, with expensive paintings on the walls, expensive couches, lamps, animal printed rugs and more. Looking around in amazement to actually see this place, what Senator Henry didn't know was that I knew the layout of his house because it was my next job.

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