Wolf Dancer (A New Dawn Novel Book 2)

By: Rachel M. Raithby



“Nico?” Katalina hissed.

Nico looked around, spotting Katalina in a group of trees. What are you doing?

“What?” he asked, joining her. She glared at his grin. Allowing his smile to fade, he asked her seriously, “What’s up?”

“I need you to teach me how to use a knife.”

He had no chance of keeping the smile from his face after that comment.

“I’m serious,” she demanded, stomping her foot.

“Oh, I can see, and I’m guessing Bass doesn’t agree and that’s why we are hiding.”

“He says there’s no need.”

“Maybe he’s right, Kat. You’re not a bad fighter in wolf form, and you’re dominant. Why do you need more?”

“Because I can’t stay on pack land forever, Nic…please,” she begged.

“Convince Bass and sure.”

“Nico! He’s being all alpha, and I need this.” She took hold of his arm, stopping him from leaving.

“What’s this really about, Kat?”

“I’m his weakness.” She sighed, letting him go, and looking defeated. “I need to be able to protect myself. He can’t always be there.”

“You’re the alpha’s mate. Someone will always protect you.”

“Nico, I want to go to college someday. I need a life beyond this pack. I won’t live with a constant body guard. I’m more than just a shifter, Nico. I’d have thought, out of everybody, you’d have understood that.”

“Aww, Kat.” Nico pressed the heel of his palms against his eyes. Why’d she have to use the real world against me? “All right.”

Squealing, Katalina jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Thank you, thank you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Nico sighed, untangling himself from her grip. “If Bass finds out, you lied to me, and told me he’d approved.”

“Oh, Nico, lying to your alpha. How very badass of you.” She laughed.

“Pushing your luck, Kat.” Nico smiled. “Right, well, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to get out of this hiding spot before anyone finds us and gets the wrong idea.”

“Going to go find, Olivia?”

“Not a word, Kat… Not a word.”

Katalina disappeared, her laughter taken by the wind. Nico shook his head, still unsure how someone so…human had managed to plant themselves so permanently into his friend’s heart.

Chapter 1


“Damn it!” Nico muttered. Stopping in his tracks, he looked around, not recognizing his surroundings. How did I end up here? His feet had guided him on instinct, but after a quick glance at his watch, he regretted not paying more attention to the direction he’d walked. He was late, so late that Bass would strip the skin from his body.

“Way to go, Alpha Adviser!” he grumbled to himself. Setting off again, his feet guided him to places unknown.

Nico had already been late when he’d left school. He since regretted the smartass words he’d snapped in class. The words which had earned him detention. He may have made it back, even after detention but he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He clenched his fists at the memory. Why did I muttered those words?

Pausing again, his eyes scanning the empty streets lined with industrial buildings, broken down warehouses, and an office building here and there, Nico couldn’t understand what had drawn him here.

A breeze whipped across his face, the cold biting into his skin. Nico gazed at the sky and brushed his hair from his face. Dark, angry clouds sat heavy in the distance and the air felt charged, promising a storm. His wolf shifted uneasily beneath his skin. He’d been irritable all day, and was probably the reason he’d lost control of his smart mouth.

The irrational urge to hit something surged up inside of him. You are such an idiot, Nic! Bass gave you this chance and you’ve screwed it up.

Alpha’s Adviser, the official title Bass — his best friend and alpha — had bestowed him. A title many thought he’d not earned. Most members of the pack were aware of their friendship, but Nico knew Bass hadn’t just given him the title because of their relationship. Bass wasn’t wired that way. He gave him the honor because he thought he could excel at the job — the job Bass made up.

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