Yazir & Nina

By: Shvonne Latrice

A California Hood Romance

Prologue One: Nina Joy

“Lay down with me some more.” Phillip kissed all over my neck and collarbone.

We were in his room, chilling like we always did every day this summer. It was around 7:30pm at night, and I was gonna meet up with my best friend for something important.

“I'm gonna be back in a little while, babe,” I giggled and nudged him off of me.

“Alright, you better,” he said as he watched me stand up and button my jeans. “I love you, Nina,” he bit his lip.

“I love you too, baby.”

Forty-five minutes later...

I sat on my best friend’s toilet, staring at the positive pregnancy test in my hand. I was only sixteen years old, and I had no job or mind to take care of a baby. I didn't believe in abortions though, so I would have to find a way to get used to the idea of being a mother.



“Hurry up, Nina!” my best friend Aubrie screamed outside the bathroom door.

“Okay!” I shouted back and pulled myself together.

I washed my hands and then stared into the mirror. I’d seen this scenario in plenty of movies, but I never thought it would happen to me. I was not the girl who got pregnant before she was married, or before the age of twenty-five. What would my mother say? She had so many dreams for me to live out, and I knew I couldn't do that if I became a mother at sixteen.


“Alright!” I grunted. She was really pissing me off! I yanked on the door and brushed past Aubrie, with the test clutched in my hand.

“What does it say?” Aubrie stared at me sympathetically as if she wasn't just rushing me out of the bathroom.

“I'm pregnant,” I showed her the test.

“Damn Nina, now what?” She looked into my eyes. I stared back into hers, and then nibbled on my bottom lip in hopes of keeping my tears at bay. “Don't cry!” Aubrie pulled me into a hug and squeezed me tightly. I broke down and buried my face into her shoulder. “Nina, it's gonna be okay. You have to tell Phillip, though,” she caressed my head.

“I am.” I pulled out of her embrace and grabbed my jacket.

Phillip had been my boyfriend for the past year, and he was a great guy. I loved him so much and he loved me, but I wasn't sure how he would feel about me having his baby.

I met Phillip while at a party one night, and we'd been attached at the hip ever since. My mom disapproved of him, because she said he was a pedophile. He was seventeen at the time, and I was fifteen. I didn't care what she said though, and I'm still happy about my decision to this day.

“You want me to come?” Aubrie smiled and I shook my head no.

“I'll be good,” I sniffled. I rushed out of Aubrie's apartment, and ran the whole way to Phillip's house.

The cool air felt good, and kept me from getting sweaty and hot from running. As I neared his home, I saw it was surrounded by police and ambulance trucks.

“What the...” I said to myself as I slowed down but kept towards the ruckus.

“Stay back, young lady,” one of the officers blocked me.

I looked over his arm, and saw E.M.T.’s coming out of Phillip's house, rolling multiple bodies zipped up. My heart started to beat fast, and I had a huge lump needing to be swallowed.

“Phillip!” I screamed and didn't care if I yelled in the officer's ear.

“What happened, sir? Please tell me! This is my boyfriend’s home!” I cried to the officer. He was an older black man with salt and pepper hair. He shook his head at me, and then dropped it.

“Someone came in and murdered the young man, his sister, and mother,” he said to me and my heart dropped. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster taking a deep plunge.

“Nooooo! God! I was coming right back!” I hollered as my vision became clouded with tears. “Nooooo! I shouldn't have left!” I screamed and almost dropped to the ground, but the officer caught me. “Phillip!” I cried and tried to run after the ambulance truck, but the officer grabbed me. That murderer just took away the love of my life. Everything seemed to be spinning in circles. Please tell me this is a dream, I thought. “Wake me up!” I yelled as the officer held me up. My legs were no good at this point.

“Young lady, how old are you? Shouldn't you be home?” he asked me. I ignored him as I sobbed violently. “Where do you live?” he asked me again, but I continued to cry. He took me to his police vehicle, and then sat me in the passenger seat. He talked to his fellow officers, and then came to get in on the driver's side. I was still crying and my body was sore from jerking so hard.

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