Yes, Mistress(2)

By: NJ Cole

At first I thought I’d leave the club and get a job in my field, but when I realized that I’d be expected to work sixty or more hours a week for a salary that was half of what I was making as a Dominatrix, I decided to keep on doing what I loved.

The work was fun, and though I had my regulars, it never got boring. I was able to become a master at the whip and learn the art of rope tying. I’m not sure how long I would’ve stayed working at the club in Philadelphia if I hadn’t gone to the BDSM convention in Vegas.

I went there every year. It was a place for Dominants and submissives to meet. Hotels accommodated us and allowed couples to remain in character for the entire weekend, provided they stayed in specified areas and covered all genitalia if moving around the common ones.

I enjoyed going and networking in Vegas. I wasn’t there to make friends. I really didn’t have any friends, as I’d learned from experience that they all wanted something from you. What I was looking for were other Doms or Dommes to talk shop with. With all of the internet sex toy companies popping up, it was hard to tell which products were of good quality. I liked to feel the weight of a flogger in my hand before buying it, and when it came to dungeon furniture, it was good to talk to someone who had used it before. Having a suspension system was impressive, but if it didn’t work, there wasn’t much point in having one.

The second day of the convention, I ran into a Dom I’d worked with a few years back. He was only at the club for about six months, but I’d come to respect him.

“Hey, Colton,” I said, walking up to him.

“M! It’s so good to see you. You look great!”

“Thanks, so do you!” He’d always had a great body, but he looked more relaxed than he had when he was in Philly, and the tan he was rocking looked pretty hot, too.

“How’s Ty?”

“The same.”

Before I had a chance to ask him what he was up to, a tall sexy man walked over to us. He had to be at least six foot four with blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was wearing black leather pants that left little to the imagination, and from what I could see, he was proportional.

“Hey, Eric. This is M, a friend from Philly,” Colton said, making the introductions. “M, this is my partner, Eric.”

“Partner?” I asked, looking at the large butt plug that Colton was holding in his hand. “Don’t tell me that you’re gay now?”

“Hell no! The only way you’d get that thing up my ass is if I was dead.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Apparently Eric saw it as flirting because he took a step closer to me. “What I would like to see is you on your knees waiting to serve me,” he said with a cocky grin.

Colton laughed before I responded. “The only way I’d kneel before you is if someone chopped my legs off at the knees.”

I gave him my best Domme stare and he took a step back. “Take it easy, Firecracker.” He was all smiles, though, and I knew he was just kidding.

“So I take it when Colton said he knew you from Philly, you worked as a Domme at the club with him?”

“She was the best…” Colton looked like he was going to say more, but just stopped mid-sentence.

Eric turned to look at him, then at me as if I were under inspection. “She’s got the look.”

“And the attitude,” Colton added.

“But does she have the cash? And would she relocate?”

“Hello? I’m right here. Anyone want to tell me what’s going on?”

“When I said Eric and I were partners,” Colton looked at me smugly,” I meant business partners. We run a salon of sorts, where women come for BDSM services.”

“Sounds interesting,” I commented, still not sure what this had to do with me.

“The thing is, we’ve had to turn down calls from men and women looking for a Domme. Some of the women who request a female are alright serving a man, but neither of us is comfortable dominating another man. And another issue, we have more people calling than we can take. It kills us to turn down money.”

“I can see that. Maybe you can get another Dom.”