Yes, Mistress(4)

By: NJ Cole

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded.

“Putting just the tip in, I asked again. “Do you want this?”

“Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress,” he whined.

“Tell me what you want,” I toyed.

“I want you to fuck me,” he panted, trying to press back into me. I swung my hand and a loud slap echoed through the room, my handprint on his right ass cheek now visible to the crowd.

“I couldn’t hear you. What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, Mistress. Please, Mistress.”


He screamed, “FUCK ME, MISTRESS!”

And with that, I thrust into him. His back arched at the sudden penetration, causing me to grab his hair and shove his face back down. I fucked him hard for a full minute before pulling out.

“Do you want to come, pet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then get on your back like the good little bitch you are.” He flipped over onto his back, showing his raging erection. “Hold your ankles.”

When he complied, his legs were spread wide, giving me full access to his cock and his ass. With one hand, I began stroking his dick; the other, I inserted my middle finger about two inches and began to stroke his prostate.

“Inside of the anus about two inches, is the prostate,” I told the crowd. “I have two choices. One, I can just milk it, causing fluid to spurt from his cock.” I pressed, and just as I’d explained, fluid ran out. “The second option I have is to give him an orgasm while milking his prostate. It is a longer, more powerful release.” I paused for a moment and then, using my Domme voice, again said, “Would you like that, pet?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he groaned as I continued to stroke his erection. Massaging his prostate and stroking his cock didn’t take long, and within minutes he was shooting come into the air. I knew this particular sub ejaculated large quantities in the first place—which is why I’d chosen him—so when his chest, stomach, and thighs were coated in white fluid, I wasn’t surprised.

As he lay panting on the table, I looked down at my boot; a few droplets of his come had landed there.

“You have made quite a mess, pet,” I chastised. “Come and clean my boot.”

Still covered in come, he scrambled off the table and onto the floor. He crawled to me and began licking my boot clean.

I glanced up at the crowd to see Eric watching. He smiled and nodded his head once, as if in approval, and walked back toward the main hall.

It was nice that he approved of my demonstration, but I didn’t really need it. I knew I was a good Domme, and I was happy working in Philadelphia. Something about not only keeping more of my money, but also owning my own business, though, was intriguing.

The next night, was Eric’s turn to impress me. I’d heard about a demonstration on the use of a single tailed whip and I wanted to check it out. I was very good with the whip myself, and I wanted to see what passed as an “expert” in Vegas.

I found Eric on one of the main stages. He had a submissive tied to a cross similar to the one I’d used for my demonstration. She was average height and slender in build, though she had a round, firm ass. I smiled as I realized I wanted to bite it. Her hair was dark, but since it was pulled up into a bun so I had to guess about the length and exact color.

Turning my attention back to Eric, I listened as he was explaining the proper way to hold a whip and how to administer different amounts of pain. I was fairly impressed as he created pink lines on her back and ass in varying color, but when he released her restraints and spun her around so he could go to work on her breasts, I was in awe. It wasn’t of his skill, though, it was of her body. Her skin was a milky white, making the pink lines more visible as they appeared on her torso. When the whip crossed one of her small nipples, the pale pink bud peaked, and surprisingly, mine mimicked the action. I felt wetness gather between my legs as her mouth parted and she moaned, sending vibrations through me.

Without blinking, I watched the rest of the demonstration. I admired and appreciated Eric’s skill with the whip, but it was his pet’s response to the leather that I was enjoying far more. I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts, which were at least a C cup, though they appeared much larger on her thin body. Her pussy was covered, and I noticed I had to swallow several times while imagining what she looked like under the pink thong she wore. What seemed to captivate me the most, though, were her eyes. They were the deepest shade of blue I’d ever seen. Looking more closely, I realized they were violet, and there was a hurt behind them that seemed to shoot to my core.