A Trick of the Moon

By: Melinda Barron

About this Title

Genre: BBW Multicultural Ménage Suspense BBW Maura Atwell has put away her attorney shoes to run her father's guest ranch while he recovers from a stroke. When what looks to be a Native American kiva is discovered on her father's land, she does what any good attorney would do: she has it investigated.

Archeologist Declan Littlecreek has wanted Maura since they were in college. Knowing sex and friendship don't always mix, he kept things from getting too heavy. Now that Maura is asking for his help in exploring her new find he's all game: and he's ready to explore the attraction between them.

Declan and his best friend, policeman Dario Fuentes, travel to the Full Moon Ranch to see what they can find. While the threesome explores the kiva, they also discover a passion that burns hot between the three of them, binding them together.

Is the passion they feel just a Trick of the Moon, or will their romance carry over into life in the outside world?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/f/m).

Chapter One

“The Devil's Highway.” Dario Fuentes glanced out the window at the barren land surrounding them. “Are you sure you're not taking me to meet someone evil? This is Highway 666, you know.”

“Not anymore. Technically it's now Highway 491. The name was changed several years ago.” Declan Littlecreek hazarded a glance away from the long stretch of highway and glanced at his friend. “You have been out of touch for a while if you didn't know about the name change. And you call yourself a New Mexican. We should have you deported to New York.”

“I always thought 666 worked for this road, since it's more than a little desolate, like I imagine hell would be. What have we seen for the last twenty miles? Nothing but cactus, yucca, some snakes. I'm sure if I had a magnifying glass, I'd see a scorpion or two, or more. It may be 491 now, but it was 666 for many years. The mark of the beast, remember? What sort of woman are you taking me to?”

“Trust me, Maura's not a devil. She's a true friend who needs some help.”

Declan veered to the other side of the road to avoid hitting a snake as it slithered across the asphalt. “Besides, you're the one who said he was bored.

Maybe you need a little trip to the dark side.”

Dario tried not to laugh. “Lay this out for me once more.”

“It's been more than once.” Declan readjusted his posture and took a sip from a fast-food cup, grimacing at the taste. “Maura and I went to school together, at UNM, but she grew up out here, near Shiprock. Her father owns a dude ranch, taking out hikers and rock climbers and the like. He suffered a stroke about six months ago, and Maura, being the dutiful, and only, daughter, 2

took a sabbatical from her job as a lawyer to stay with him. He's well enough to be in a rehabilitation center in Albuquerque, and she's running the place on her own while he's gone.”

There was a pregnant pause, and then Dario cleared his throat. “Tell me why she needs an archeologist and a cop.”

“She didn't call for the cop, only the archeologist.” Declan glanced over at him. “You're here because I thought you might enjoy the ride. Remember, you said you were bored?”

“Yeah, I remember that from the first time you brought it up, five seconds ago,” Dario said with a laugh. He glanced back out the window and took a long drag from his water bottle. Despite the fact it was a desert, this stretch of road was really pretty, if desolate. They hadn't seen but two cars in the last fifteen minutes, both of those heading toward Gallup, where the two of them had left more than an hour ago.

“So, did you two”—Dario punched his fist out in front of him several times—“you know, ride the hobbyhorse together?”

“No, unfortunately.”

“How come?” Dario could practically see the wheels turning in Declan's mind as he contemplated his answer. He wondered if his friend was trying to give him the truth, or think up an answer that wouldn't bruise his ego. Maybe he'd tried and she'd turned him down. If so, that could make this trip very awkward.

“It was never the right time, you know. The attraction is there, always has been. But things always seemed to get in the way.”