A Dragon's Healing Heart [Fury 5](4)

By: Marcy Jacks

Don’t think about that.

He put Emily out of his head. He didn’t want to see her face while he had a man’s dick in his mouth.

He focused on the task at hand. The smell. The heat.

This was a mating. His body pulled him to this man. There was going to be no peace for him until he got this out of his system.

Then he could sleep.

David pulled his mouth back suddenly. “How old are you?”

Storm blinked down at him. “Wh-what?”

David had no time for this. “How old are you? Hurry up! I just had your dick in my mouth!”

“I’m thirty-three.”

He sighed. “Good. Christ.”

He hadn’t even thought to ask. Storm didn’t exactly look like a teenager. He looked like an adult male in his twenties, but there was no telling with some people, and David supposed he was a little paranoid.

“Why?” Storm apparently didn’t get it. “How old did you think I was?”

Now David was embarrassed. He looked away from the other man so he didn’t have to show Storm his glare. “I suppose I thought you were still in your twenties.”

The man was a bit older than David thought, but that was a good thing in the long run.

He didn’t have to worry about some young, reckless asshole who only thought of themselves.

David sure as hell remembered what his friends had been like at that age. They hadn’t had kids as young as David had, so they didn’t need to grow up as fast as he did.

“My twenties? Are you disappointed?”

“No. I’m relieved.”

He wasn’t going to explain why, and before Storm could ask, David put his mouth back to work on the head of Storm’s dick.

Storm inhaled a deep, sharp breath. “Fuck,” he sighed.

David inched himself closer. He spread his legs, reaching a hand down and stroking his cock.

Not that he needed the help to stay hard. The stupid mating heat was taking care of that.

Instinct waited for nothing and no one. Not even mourning the loss of another mate.

Maybe that was why he couldn’t lose himself in this. He couldn’t make himself forget.

Because the fact that he wanted this so badly, the fact that he was sexually attracted to a man after years of being with a woman, made his first mating with Emily seem so…

He didn’t want to say worthless. It hadn’t been worthless. But it had been a mating. A drive between their bodies and their spirits. Something more powerful than either of them had pulled them together.

At the time, with how young they’d been, there had seemed to be no need to wait. They were each other’s soul mates, so what had been the point?

Now, knowing that fate was replacing her so quickly with someone else just made the whole mating thing seem so cheap.

He didn’t like it. Didn’t like that he was reducing himself to this with someone he should be close to just so he could get some sleep.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t remotely fair to him, not fair to Emily’s memory, and not fair to this man here.

A man who had been part of the dragon clan that had rescued his son, saved his life when he could have stayed in that burning building and died.

He wished he had been left behind to die. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want any of this.

Storm said something, but David didn’t pick up on it. His brain caught the sound but didn’t turn the sound into a word until Storm pushed against his shoulder, pushing him away from the man’s dick.

David looked up at the man, shocked he was putting an end to this.

“What’s the matter?”

A guilty look flashed across Storm’s face. “You don’t really want to do this.”

David pressed his lips together, turning away from the man.

What good did that do? Of course Storm was going to see the look on his face. The regret and the misery.

“Come on up here.”


He barely had the chance to realize what Storm was asking for before the man’s hands clasped tightly to his shoulders.

David’s body moved with Storm. The man pulled him up, and David moved as though they were one and the same.

He pulled David into bed. He still didn’t think of it as his bed, even though he’d been told by Silver, the clan leader of the dragons, that he could keep this spare room and stay as long as he wanted.