A Dragon's Healing Heart [Fury 5]

By: Marcy Jacks

Storm is a dragon warrior. He fights and kills warlocks to protect shifters from the Dog Catchers. His new mate is older and recently lost his previous mate to the cruelty of the Dog Catchers. David wants Storm more than anything in the world, but his guilt won’t allow it, and it’s torturing them both.

Storm wants to take David for himself, but he can’t. Not when David is forcing himself to let the mating heat take him. Storm can be patient when he needs to be. He’s a grown man and he can prove to his mate that he’s worthy of him, that David is safe, and that nothing will happen to the rest of his family.

When it’s revealed there is someone in the dragon clan who might have had a hand in David’s suffering, Storm will have to use all of his love and patience to keep his mate from doing something he will regret.

Chapter One

Storm hesitated outside of the bedroom.

David’s bedroom. The room that had been given to him as one of their new guests.

Wolf guests. More and more were coming to the clan, and this one smelled particularly good.

Good enough that Storm had a good idea of what it meant and what was needed in order to make his not-so-little problem go away.

He raised his hand, pulled back, and turned away from the door.

Storm rushed his fingers over his head, wishing he hadn’t shaved off his Mohawk because, in that moment, he really needed something to grip onto.

Realizing he had a mate, and one that was older than him, made him rethink the look. So his head was shaved. He might grow it in a little. He’d liked his hair, but now that he had a mate, Storm figured it was time to look a little more respectable.

Which was also why he’d taken out his eyebrow ring and the silver stud at his lower lip.

The tattoos he couldn’t do much about. For now.

Christ, he didn’t even know what this guy liked.

Storm always knew there was no real choice to be had with whom he mated with. He tried to keep an open mind about whom he would get. If it ever happened. Whether his mate was male or female, Storm wanted to be a good mate.

He just never thought that the mate he’d end up with would be older than him, and a father.

And a widower.


It was already midnight. He knew the guy inside wasn’t sleeping.

He could hear him in there.

It wasn’t that he was doing anything, but Storm could hear David’s heartbeat.

It was not the slow and steady heartbeat of a man who was fast asleep.

David and Aiden had been spending a lot of time together since David had come here. Aiden was his only son and had managed to escape the Dog Catchers who were rounding up the wolves.

After a disease that went around over five years ago, killing all the alphas, be they wolves, foxes, or cats, the Dog Catchers had showed up as a measure of protection.

The disease didn’t just kill the alphas. It turned them against their own packs.

Silver’s own mate, Erin, had a few horror stories about what his father and sister had done when they were taken with that brain disease.

The alphas killed so many people—women, children, betas, omegas, humans. They went after everyone before either dying or killing themselves.

The humans had signed off on the Dog Catchers after it happened

They were supposed to bring in any beta or omega suspected of harboring the disease and treat them.

They were not supposed to round up anyone they saw fit and turn them into guinea pigs.

The Dog Catchers were ruthless, and they were after any and all omegas and betas.

While everyone thought of the disease as hitting only the alphas, Storm had since discovered a few betas had been hit with it, as well and even fewer omegas.

At this point, it was fairly safe to say that if there were any omegas and betas running around today, they weren’t going to get infected with the disease.

Too much time had passed. No one else had been diagnosed.

So the Dog Catchers were either being massive pricks and there was something, or someone, who needed to be taken out of that organization, or it had never been about treating the sick in the first place.

Storm supposed it didn’t matter. David was still left without his wife. A wife he would probably rather have coming to him tonight than Storm.

He knocked on the door.

Storm heard the heartbeat of the man inside briefly falter, and then there were footsteps.