A Grave Magic(The Shadow Sorceress Book 1)

By: Bilinda Sheehan

The Shadow Sorceress Book One

Chapter 1

The night beat against Andreas’ skin, like a song he couldn’t quite shake. The only other time he’d felt like this was when he’d still been human and getting high on the drug of the day.

It was the buzz, a power that flowed in his veins, an addiction like no other and this was no different.

Chasing the high was the only thing that mattered and he would do whatever he had to in order to get that hit.

Except for this time—this time it had been too far. There was one place he drew the line and that was with kids.

Snotty nosed, spoilt red rotten kids.

Their constant need for attention, tears and tantrums, it was all just too much and there was no way he was getting paid enough to deal with this shit.

Rolling his shoulders, back he pushed open the door and stepped inside. The room was dark, heat pulsing against his icy skin, making him feel almost sticky as he crossed the floor to where she sat.

Her dark hair had fallen across her face, covering her brown-black eyes, and for that he was glad. There was something about her eyes, something soul sucking that gave even him, Master of the city’s vampires the heebie-jeebies.

“Did you get it?” Her voice made his very old bones ache and he fought the urge to drop to his knees and grovel for her forgiveness.

Master of the City didn’t grovel for some upstart magical bitch, no matter how old her magic felt.

“Not this time, it was.…” He trailed off; he needed to come up with just the right word. “Complicated,” he said triumphantly.

She hadn’t been there. He was the one running around town doing her dirty work; for all she knew, it could have been impossible.

“Liar.” Her voice was soft and filled with boredom.

“Listen here, sweetheart, you wanted me to kill some random human and bring you the gift. What you failed to mention was that the gift was a frigging kid.”

Straightening his spine, he eyed her carefully. How tough could she possibly be? She looked like a twig, one he could snap across his knee with both hands tied behind his back.

She pushed up onto her feet—scratch that, breaking her across his knees had suddenly lost its appeal. There was something far better he could think of making her do. There would be a lot less breaking involved, but no less screaming.

“You really think I would let you do those things to me? You think I would allow you to put your hands on me?” Again her voice was soft, like a feather’s caress, and the sound of it made things tighten and harden low on his body.

“A pretty little piece like you, I don’t think you could stop me. But if you ask me nicely, I promise I won’t make it hurt too much.”

Power rolled through his body, the power that came with the responsibility of being Master of the City. Every vampire who had threatened his reign over the last four hundred years had met a painful and bloody demise.

What stood before him was little more than a slip of a thing, but she was all woman, curves in all the right places, and the thought of sinking his fangs into some of her softest curves practically had him salivating.

She was the source of the power, the source of the buzz he sought. If she could bestow such a high with the touch of her hand, what would her warm blood, as it poured down the back of his throat, do to him?

The only thing Andreas was certain about was that he wanted to find out.

Lunging towards her, uncertainty almost made him falter as she lifted her gaze, her soulless brown-black eyes meeting his.

What the fuck was he doing? This was a huge bloody mistake!

But he was already in motion, his preternatural speed preventing him, in such close proximity, from aborting his plans.

She, however, didn’t have the same limitations.

His body crumpled in on itself, causing him to hit the dirt floor. Pain ripped through every shredded muscle and tendon, his bones snapping into smaller and smaller pieces almost as though they planned on completely disintegrating inside him.

She smiled at him and it was a beautiful smile. A smile he could gladly get lost within.

Crouching down next to him, he strained to reach towards her as she held her hand out to him.

“I could have given you everything. All you needed to do was bring me that one snotty-nosed child.”