A Shot of Love Potion

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Love on the Rocks 5

A Shot of Love Potion

Rose is down and out, struggling to survive, and her dream of being a famous painter is coming to an end. She’s desperate, and a split-second decision could be a mistake—or just the opening she needs.

She takes a bartending job, lands a jewelry modeling gig, and meets a man that can change her life. And he isn’t the only one. Three brothers, who she sort of knows, also come into her life and sweep her off her feet. In the end, when six men want to claim her as their woman and promise her protection and care, it seems too good to be true. She’s faced with going after her dreams or following her heart. Then, the decision is made for her.

Being thrown into an intense relationship with six dominant, sexy, wealthy, and mysterious men has Rose second guessing her decisions. Learning to trust them is easy, but the men soon find out that protecting her from the danger they have caused could be inevitable. They train her, and even teach her to use a gun, but she’s just not aggressive.

That is, until the training comes into use, and Rose is forced to defend herself and ward off her attackers while her men do all they can to find her in time.


Dear readers,

Thank you for purchasing this legal copy of A Shot of Love Potion.

They say that if you survive being down and out, and fight to get back on top again, that you can accomplish anything. That there’s a fight in each and every one of us that just needs that spark, that influence to set the spark to fire.

Rose is as sweet as can be. She lives her life with rose-colored glasses, holds inside her struggles, her mistakes, yet is willing to work hard, to do what is necessary to survive. A chance decision with little information leads to an evening that changes her life forever.

Rose is uncertain if the charms, the control, the power of six sexy men, or a kind of love potion sets her heart on fire and encourages her to fight when confrontation, violence, and death come close enough to destroy all she has fought for. The love of six men, their guidance and training, give her the tools necessary to live.

May you enjoy Rose’s story, and her journey from down and out, scrounging to get one small meal a day and holding on to her dream of one day being a famous artist, to no longer feeling like a nobody, a failure, but instead, a success.

Happy reading,




Slade James kneeled down on the ground, being sure to remain well hidden in the shadows of the night. He slid his backpack toward him, unzipped the bag, reached inside, and punched the numbers into the locating device. The bombs were set, five guards were taken out, and the rest of the team would move in and steal back the merchandise that had been stolen from him and his brothers.

“We’re in,” Pilot said through the ear receiver.

Slade pressed a finger to his ear. “Coordinates set, trucks on their way. Let’s sweep the building and secure our stuff,” he said and then glanced to the right. He gave a hand signal. A double side wave and then two fingers to the right to his brother Rome.

The sound of gunfire made Slade move into action.

“We got company,” his other brother Falco stated through the receiver. Slade, Rome, Palm, Facto, and a few other of their men headed toward the building.

Slade’s heart was racing, but he moved with ease, ability, and a confidence he earned with years of what many soldiers called suicide missions. He thought he was just about done with this shit, but then someone ripped off several trucks of inventory for a client, making Merk Enterprises look bad. That wasn’t taken lightly.

He jerked to the right, handgun drawn with a silencer, and took out one, two men when a third shot at him, nearly hitting him in the head. He fired back and took him out. The man in black fell backward. Slade scanned around him and caught sight of Rome. He shot several times, hitting his targets.

“All clear,” Pilot said and climbed up into the first truck.

Slade pressed his finger to his ear. “Get in here, Facto, Palm, and get these trucks going,” he said to two of his security team members and then saw the other men who worked for them, fellow soldiers they knew for years and were now part of their security firm. They got into the trucks and Rome and Slade got into the last one.