A Shunned Amish Woman (Anthology)(57)

By: Erica Fanning

“I love you, Luke,” Hannah announced resolutely, “I love you and I still want to be your wife…if you can ever find it in your heart to have me.”

David watched Luke and held his breath, hoping that he would agree.

Stepping forward, Luke reached out and took Hannah in his arms, “I love you too, Hannah!” He exclaimed as he cupped her face in his hands, “I have always loved you and I always will.” Turning to look at Lovina, he quickly tried to explain, “Lovina, I hope that you understand…”

Lovina smiled broadly as she wrapped her arms around David’s waist, “It is fine, Luke. I think that things are exactly the way that they are supposed to be!”


Standing together at the kitchen sink, Lovina and David watched as a group of children played outside in their front yard.

“Look at those crazy things,” Lovina muttered as she noticed her daughter trying to climb a tree.

“Just like us when we were little,” David announced.

Lovina looked up at him and smirked, “Jah – and I think our little girl might have a crush on the neighbor boy, as well.”

David and Lovina had now been married for ten years and had three children of their own. It had been a double wedding shared with Hannah and Luke, who decided to move to Kentucky so that Luke would continue to enjoy a steady stream of work.

David and Lovina had built their house behind his parents’ place and, to their surprise, Hannah and Luke had bought a piece of farm land right across the creek.

Their children played together and it wouldn’t be any surprise if someday those same children would grow up to marry one another.

David smiled broadly and gathered his wife up in his arms.

“I’m glad I went to Indiana that summer,” he announced as he reached out to push a strand of her brown hair back from her face, “Because that summer showed me how much I need you in my life.”

Bending over, he gave her a gentle kiss.

Life truly was as David and Lovina had always imagined it – and they were happier than they ever could have guessed possible.