A Sip of Pleasure(3)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

When he looked up and caught her staring, he squinted slightly and she glanced away quickly, then back at him a few seconds later to find him watching her. Shit. She had drawn attention to herself and the man had seen her staring. Shit, shit, shit.

“So I look forward to communicating with each of you on the various aspects of my client’s product. Starting with you, Suzette, and your partner, Cherie,” he said to them.

Suzette smiled.

“It will be our pleasure, Mr. Vittone, to go over the details and to mold this campaign into exactly what your client is hoping for.”

“Wonderful. Why don’t the two of you show Mr. Vittone what you have gathered so far and answer any questions or concerns he may have?” their boss directed toward them.

“Everyone else, let’s organize your aspects of this campaign and be ready for Mr. Vittone to stop in and see what you all have thus far,” he said to the others.

She could sense their anxiety and excitement. She wasn’t certain that this was typical behavior for a client to pop in and be brought up to date mid-process, but considering the amount of money involved with this campaign, she would do exactly what he was doing. Check up on how his money was being used and ensuring his client was getting full productivity and attention.

Suzette stood up first, grabbing her file, and then Cherie quickly rose, following her lead. Mr. Vittone stood as well. As she headed around the table, Mr. Vittone motioned for Suzette to go first and then Cherie. When their gazes locked, she saw a sparkle in his eyes before they grazed over her body. She felt a slight spark. Nothing like when Vincent or his brothers looked at her, and she gave herself a mental kick. The Lockatelli brothers were never going to make a move or ask her out. They didn’t have feelings for her, and Vincent never called. She gave a smile and then followed Suzette. Mr. Vittone and another man who had been sitting outside the meeting room joined them. When they got into the office, Meredith, one of the receptionists, offered the men coffee but they declined.

“Suzette, how are you really?” Mr. Vittone asked as he took a seat by the meeting table. Suzette smiled wide while Cherie gathered the folder they had organized, listing the meetings they had lined up with some top medical corporations.

“I’m doing well, and I am very excited about this project. I can’t believe that we get the opportunity to work together again,” she said to him.

Cherie was surprised. Suzette hadn’t mentioned that she’d worked for Vittone before. When she walked back over to the table and sat down, she noticed the man who accompanied Mr. Vittone stood by the door.

“You know I wouldn’t trust anyone else with a project this big. I have some other questions before we discuss the product and your direction for promotion.”

“Sure thing, Bevgo. What would you like to know?” Suzette asked.

Cherie folded her hands on her lap after setting up the files and some prospective ads created in the ad department. When she looked up, she found Mr. Vittone watching her.

“I’d like to know more about Cherie,” he said, sweeping his eyes along her face and chest.

Suzette smiled and turned to Cherie.

“Well, ask away. Cherie is a very hard worker, and has a way with people. She can handle even the most difficult of clients.”

“Really? She seems rather shy to me, and quiet.”

Cheri saw it as a challenge.

“I like to observe people and what’s going on before I pass judgment or come to any assumptions,” Cherie said to him. He raised one of his eyebrows as Suzette’s phone rang.

She looked at the caller ID.

“It’s Romaro,” she said to him and he gave her a wink. Suzette looked at Cherie and then back at Bevgo, and shook her head.

“If you’ll excuse me, please. I must take this.”

“No worries, Suzette. I’ll take the time to get to know Cherie.”

When Suzette walked out of the office, the other man followed and now she was alone in the room with this Mr. Vittone.

“How long have you known Suzette?” he asked.

“I went to college with her and we had some classes together. We hadn’t seen one another in a few years.”

“I see, and how long have you worked for Grover Mills?”