A Sip of Pleasure(4)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Four months.”

He scrunched his eyes at her.

“Well, actually I worked for one of the sister companies as a temp after a job here had fallen through last minute.”

“You have a bit of an accent. Where down south are you from?”

“South Carolina.”

“Why New York?”

“Better opportunities,” she said.

“Indeed. So tell me what you think about the product? What’s your take on ways to promote the different aspects as it develops into other branches?”

“Well, I’m impressed so far. I’m a bit unsure on whether or not your client plans on expanding right away into the other areas or if that will take place further down the road.”

“What are your concerns?”

“Well, to be honest, it’s an amazing and innovative tool for technology, both in the health fields and sciences as well as technology and even weaponry. Each aspect needs to be promoted accordingly, ensuring the most money be made and not over produced or franchised. A separate department for each product would be important, I think, to ensure the laser is representing accordingly and to the best of its abilities. Does your client want to cause a supply-and-demand effect, or would the client want to make this a supreme product, picking and choosing which companies get the opportunity to purchase and promote it as being the only company to have the product? Now, were you intending on us overseeing all of these aspects or just one in particular while other groups in the company handle others?”

“I appreciate your direct questions. This laser is unique and the fact that he has decided to first pursue the medical field for introducing the laser to the public is part of his kind personality. I’ve assured him that there is super money to be made and its uniqueness allows for great control over what companies, hospitals to be specific, would be the ones to showcase this laser technology. Then the demand will automatically come. We—well, you and Suzette—can then continue on with promotions. This will take some time before we advance into the other areas like weaponry and perhaps government negotiations. I was hoping the two of you could handle all aspects. I trust Suzette, and hope to get to know you and build a nice business relationship so that my client is more than satisfied.”

She smiled and nodded. “I’m sure Suzette has more experience when it comes to negotiating with the government, but whatever she needs, and you need, I will be there to assist as best I can.”

“I’m happy to hear that you are on board with keeping myself and the client happy, Cherie.”

The way he spoke to her, with his eyes narrowed in a flirtatious manner, made her feel a bit heated.

She forced herself to remain professional and not show her shyness and lack of experience with men like him. She opened a file and produced some documents with photos and promotional campaigns.

“Well then, how about I show you what Suzette and I came up with thus far in regards to the medical aspect of the technology?”

“These are very mainstream. This technology is sensitive and highly monitored and protected and must remain that way,” he told her, seeming a bit disappointed.

“Of course, sir. These promotions would only be presented to upscale medical facilities. In fact, by the price tag of the product, the range of buyers will be limited, but that coincides with your desire to be elite and to offer a one-of-a-kind product and opportunity to the right medical facility. We have several right here in the city that would not bat an eye at the price tag.”

“Of course they shouldn’t. It’s an amazing product and can help so many people, but we don’t want it at every hospital or medical facility. There needs to remain a demand,” he said, eyes narrowed at her.

She swallowed hard. He was a bit intimidating, a true business tycoon. She held her ground and straightened her shoulders.

“I agree and understand, sir.”

She went to continue to speak when he stopped her.

“Drop the sir. It’s Bevgo, Cherie. I think we should be on a first-name basis, considering I am allowing you and Suzette to handle a multimillion-dollar contract, don’t you?” he asked with a bit of attitude. The man was a hard ass.