A Sip of Pleasure(62)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Oh yeah, I think she’ll love that boutique in Venice,” Dante said.

“Or the one in Milan,” Salvatore said.

She sat up. “You’ve been to these places? You’ve shopped in lingerie stores in Europe?” she asked, sounding jealous.

Vincent chuckled. “They’re full of shit. They’ve been searching and reading up on places online and have a list of things they want to buy you. Get ready, baby, we’re going to spoil you rotten,” Vincent told her.

She leaned back and shook her head. “Any boutiques that have those very naughty leather and lace costumes? You know the ones that expose certain parts of a woman’s body so her men can spank and explore them?” she asked. She chuckled when she felt Vincent’s cock harden beneath her bottom, and he thrust upward.

“Ciao Sexy, in Venice,” Placico said.

She gasped.

“Hmm, well then, I guess that’s our first stop.” Vincent tickled her side and turned her around in his arms for her to straddle his waist. “Is that so?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I am more than ready to spend my days shopping and my nights making my men very, very happy.”

Vincent gave her a very serious expression and cupped her hair and head before he kissed her tenderly.

“Boutique Cia Bella. I can’t wait,” Vylo said.

They all chuckled and enjoyed the first of many nights out by the fire near the vineyard with their woman in their arms.