Arynn's Chosen Mate (Iron Wolves MC Book 8)

By: Elle Boon


I’d like to give a big huge thank you to all the authors in the BAD ALPHAs world. I’m so excited to be included among such an amazing group of authors. Also to all my family and friends. Y’all have been such an amazing group who have kept me grounded through all the ups and downs. Without you, I’d have probably gone crazy this past year. Well, crazier anyhow.

Thank you to all who’ve read my stories and wanted more. I hope you enjoy Arynn and his mate by choice and their family’s story. I know that the road to a happily ever after isn’t always smooth and hope I gave y’all one hell of a ride in their story. Stay tuned as Coti gets his HEA next and boy it’s gonna be a wild and wicked one.

Of course, to my wonderful hubby who makes my life. Yep, I am saying he makes my life, because he does. Love you to the moon and back, Mr. Boon, 22 plus years and counting.

Love y’all so hard,



“Torq, you ready to go man?” Arynn asked, looking around the crowded club filled with chicks who were ready to ride just about any cock as long as they wore a cut. Of course, he wasn’t one to complain, but as the Omega of his pack, all the emotions pouring off the humans were a little overwhelming to his senses. Luckily for him, his brother Torq was closed off.

Xan and Kellen disappeared with a couple of females, making him shake his head as Xan turned around with a knowing grin before the door to the outside shut between them.

“I’m ready if you are.” Torq’s deep rumble brought his head back around. Torq and he both stood at six feet four and were built along the same linebacker size, with more tattoos than untouched skin. Being brothers, they were a lot alike in many ways, but Torq didn’t have the ability to feel the emotions of those around them. Hell, sometimes he didn’t know if Torq truly felt much of anything.

The door opened, letting in a group of human females. Torq sidestepped the bevy of young ladies, but Arynn’s wolf whined as two blonde women walked arm and arm through the crowd. Their heads next to each other’s, neither looking up or around at their surroundings.

“Yo, I thought we were leaving,” Torq growled.

As if in a trance, Arynn tore his gaze away from the two women, meeting his brother’s dark stare. “I think I need to stay for a bit.” Hell, if he were being honest, he’d tell Torq his wolf was raking at his skin wanting out. Instead he kept that bit of knowledge to himself and waited for his brother to make his exit. They’d both joined the Iron Wolves a few years ago when they’d met Kellen at a car show in Vegas. Instantly, they’d recognized the other man for the alpha he was and needed a pack. Now, Torq said he felt something in his blood calling him elsewhere to a place called Mystic. Arynn knew more than anyone that you didn’t ignore intuition any more than you ignored your body when it was giving off signals so loud you felt as if a livewire were attached to your nerves. Right at that moment, he could’ve sworn he had a straight line to a breaker box the way his body was buzzing.

“Alright, I’ll see you.” Torq pulled him in for a backslapping hug. “Don’t do anything stupid, little brother.”

Arynn wanted to laugh and tell Torq he never did anything stupid, until one of the blonde women came into view, making the words stick in his throat. No, stupid didn’t come to mind when he met her brown eyes across the club. “Get out of here and keep in touch,” Arynn said. They’d always have a link to one another even if they were hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Torq gave a nod, glanced to where Arynn was staring then shook his head. “Try to keep your small head from getting your big head in trouble.”

The words had Arynn laughing since those were the lines he normally said. “I’ll do my best,” he repeated Torq’s favorite comeback. Of course, Torq normally didn’t listen, and more often than not, he had a woman or two crying, because they thought they meant more to him than a one-night stand. How they mixed up a quick hookup in a bar bathroom or parked car with a long-term relationship, Arynn didn’t know, but women tended to want more from the elusive Torq than he was willing to give. He on the other hand never made those mistakes, preferring to keep his relationships strictly casual, even going so far as to set up rules from the word go.