Backfire (Furies MC #4)(5)

By: Harley McRide

“Name?” Loki growled, and the man shook his head.

“Not sure you need to know that.”

“Gimme your fucking name or get the fuck outta my plane,” Loki snapped.

The man raised an eyebrow. “Your plane? I was under the assumption this was a military transport?”

Loki leaned forward and said, “It may be, but it is my plane, your choice?”

The stranger tilted his head and then said, “Anthony Rizzo, Jaci Thorne is my half-sister.”

Loki frowned and then said, “How the fuck did you find out about this? According to my information, you were stationed overseas.”

Anthony nodded and then said, “That is what it says.”

The door shut loudly, and the hippie walked to a seat in behind them and plopped down loudly. “Lay it out for us, man.”

“I am assuming you were both sent here to help not only Jaci but her partner, Carole, who is my mother,” Loki started, and the hippie leaned forward.

“Man, your mom is a spy, that is so fucking cool. I mean, it’s like having a superhero for a parent.”

Anthony turned and looked at the hippie. “Did your mother drop you on your head when you were younger?”

Wesson grinned, but Loki could see the glint in his eyes, yeah, this man was deadly. “Nope, but it may be the weed I have been smoking.”

Anthony shook his head and turned back. “My sister would never ask me for help unless some serious shit was going down. She sent me an email; it had our code word we used as kids, I knew she was in trouble, and I also knew she was with your mom. I did my research a long time ago when Jaci was approached by your mother. I also know who you are and what you do, which also surprised me a little, but apparently, there are people in the ranks who respect the shit out of you and your club. She didn’t know I was stateside, nor that at the end of my tour being medically discharged due to an injury, when she sent the email. So it was easy to get here. One of my supervisors gave me the heads up on the plane, told me if I got here, he was sure you would allow me to come. I am here and not giving you the option; I am coming. My sister is all I have left, and I will be damned if she gets lost in the bureaucratic shuffle. So you can bitch and moan all you want, I am here, and I am staying. Now, what the fuck do you know? Bring me up to speed.”

Loki shook his head; the man reminded him of Fling, crazy. He moved his computer so both men could see the screen. Apparently, his president didn’t want him going alone, figures he would find a way to make sure Loki’s ass was covered.

He clicked on the map and said, “Jaci was here when I talked to her last; she said it was safe there, and she would remain until I got there if she could. The official report says she is wanted for ‘Treason of a Foreign State.’ Jaci’s and my mother’s covers were blown by a hacker; our government found the release of her name and Jaci’s, as well as where they were going to be just an hour after it was released, and by that time no one was able to contact my mother. Jaci contacted me, and I passed it on to my boss who smoothed the way to get the fuck out of dodge. Took a day or two longer than what I wanted, but getting to where we are going without anyone noticing is going to be hard, especially now with three of us.”

Chapter Two

Jaci woke up when she heard something snap outside her window, fuck, had they found her already? Kaden said he was on his way, but it hadn’t been long enough, she knew that. Moving slowly, she slid out of bed to the floor and then waited for a minute. She heard rustling; please let it be some creepy animal trying to find food.

She moved across the floor on her hands and feet, trying to be quiet, she just needed to make it to her gun. Shit, she cringed when she heard the creak of the floor boards. When she arrived here, she noticed a few of the boards were loose and cracked; she had marked them, so she knew when she was near them they made noise, but dammit, she had been so tired last night. When she went to bed, she forgot to do it in the bedroom. Jaci froze in the awkward position for a second, and then she heard the rustling again, it was closer this time. She frowned, was it under the shack?

Finally, she reached her gun, then stood up silently and grabbed it slowly. More noise, but this time there was a grunt with it. Okay, it was a person, not good, they had found her. She needed to make it to the backdoor, from there she had already planned her escape. However, she figured she would have more time, that the officials would approach the front door. The backdoor was hidden, but still, they could have found it.