Blue Motel Room:Suncoast Society

By: Tymber Dalton

You do not sleep with your best friend’s girlfriend. Especially not when you’re both extremely drunk on mead…and gay. Ron hoped the night with Eve was nothing more than a figment of his imagination that will never return to haunt him, or harm his friendship with Kimbra.

Except Kimbra also had a regretful drunken interlude she hoped would never see the light of day.

Enter the adorable Dr. Ivan Mercado, who carefully conceals deeply tragic personal truths. The young and talented surgeon leads a secret double life to deal with his darkest pain and has never let anyone inside his armor before. Until he meets Ron, and the Viking Dom easily peels away Ivan’s shell without even trying.

But actions have consequences—ones that can last a lifetime. Will the worst mistake of Ron’s life turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him? Or will it destroy both men’s lives and crush their hearts forever?


I’m dedicating this one to my bestie, Trish, because she gave me the idea for For the Roses, and this book couldn’t have been written without that one, sooo…thanks. :)

Chapter One

Late Thursday afternoon, and Kimbra was working on one hell of a tension headache. She was the last one in the office and knew she should head home…but home was feeling awfully empty as of late.

Mostly because she knew there was little to no chance of having any company tonight, or this weekend, either. She and Eve were currently in an “off again” phase of their relationship. Not really officially “off,” but on the down-low in a way that double agents living in deep cover would find envious. After a couple of years of this, it was starting to…wear a little thin on Kimbra.

It was a predictable cycle. When Eve got like this, Kimbra always gave her plenty of room, no pressure to step things up a notch, going at Eve’s speed. Just when Kimbra would start to get her hopes up that Eve might finally decide that this time she was going to take that extra step forward—

That’s when Eve would scurry deep inside her closet again.

Hell, Eve still hadn’t come out to her brother—who was gay. Or to her parents—who’d whole-heartedly accepted Ev and his husband, Wylie.

The only people who knew about them dating were Kimbra’s own kinky ex-husband, Walt, one of Kimbra’s co-workers—who was also kinky—and a few of their kinky friends. Most of those assuming they were nothing but best friends.

Including Eve’s kinky brother, Ev.

Kimbra tossed her pen onto her desk and sat back, rubbing at her eyes.

They weren’t exactly exclusive, yet neither of them were seeing anyone else at the moment. They actually had permissions set in place they could date or even sleep with others, as long as they were safe and notified the other about it. Neither of them had slept with anyone else.

Why am I not pushing her harder for a commitment? Or at least a resolution?

In many ways, their relationship was perfect. They were both independent, they were both lawyers, both made decent livings, and they were both orbiting close enough to the kinky world to be slightly influenced by it, but not needing to be full-on gimp-suited all the time.

Kimbra’s phone buzzed with a text and she was simultaneously delighted and disappointed to discover it was from her best friend, Ron.

Hitting the Toucan this Saturday. All night. Wynn & Meri out. Need wingman. Y’in?

She’d met him several years ago first through her father—because Ron worked for him as an electrician—but then their paths also crossed when Ron and his sister started attending munches a couple of months ago. Gay, and he was a sweetheart she enjoyed spending time with as friends. Besides Walt, she’d definitely call Ron her best friend.

She didn’t have to reply immediately, even though she already expected what Eve’s answer would be. Instead, Kimbra swiped open her ongoing text thread with Eve and texted her.

Do we have plans this weekend?

She hadn’t even set her phone down before Eve replied.

I’m swamped with a case. Need to put in extra hours. If you have plans, go ahead. I’m good. No worries.

Kimbra stared at the screen for a long moment, struggling against the urge to throw her phone across the room.