Breaking Point (Ops Warriors #8)(2)

By: Harley McRide

Both had dark hair, though Slick’s was darker, almost jet black. They were the same height, over six foot, and their shoulders were broad, and their waists were small. They looked like a GI Joe doll that she used to love when she was smaller. She was in the desert doing her job, and she was not here for an emotional entanglement, but dammit, she just couldn’t control herself when she was around them, it felt so right. Fuck, she had left herself open for heartache.

Dani had gotten her orders three days ago; she was leaving, going home, her tour was up. She knew what she wanted, the guys were only here for six more months, and Dani wanted to be there waiting for them when they got home. Finally, she had a chance to show them she was ready to take this relationship home, and then they go and blow her off. Like she didn’t mean a damn thing to them. Well, they could fuck right off, she was not going to be that clingy bitch. But she was going to draw the line at being their fuck toy, as JJ so gracefully put it last night when she finally caught up with them. Fuck them, Dani was not going to be their whatever the fuck they wanted to call it.

She pulled out her calendar. She had three weeks, then she was gone. Well, until then, she would be working for another team. She had the choice of the missions she took, hell, she assigned the missions to the operators around here. Dani glanced and then sighed, she was going to take the Stripers, they had three missions, and it would take her through the end of her tour. Perfect.

Putting it on the board, she stepped back and nodded. She stared at the last mission she did with the Warriors, it had been particularly rough. All the guys had been involved, and the man they were sent into to take out had not been where the intel said, it had turned into a trap. Dani turned and took one step, and that was the last thing she remembered.

Chapter One

Jack-Jack slammed his hand against the table and said, “I do not give one fuck if she doesn’t want to see us. She is going to.”

Slick nodded, and they looked at the rest of the Ops Warriors who were in the meeting room. JJ and Slick usually didn’t say a damn word in these meetings. Creed and Fork used them in the last case scenario for everything. Why, because JJ and Slick were stone-cold killers and they made no excuses for it. Both men had been trained by the military to go into situations no one else could go in to. The two had thrived in that environment. When they were assigned to the Warriors’ team, Creed had wondered at the time if either of them gave a shit about living. Fortunately, they soon discovered they did.

Slick and JJ were cut from a different cloth than most men, they were cold and calculating, and they were loyal to a fault. No one would ever question them having their back because, in every situation, both men always did. They worked in the background where no one knew they were. For weeks, hell, months on end, the duo would disappear only to reappear with information the Ops needed. Creed never asked how or why, mostly because he didn’t want the answer.

JJ and Slick share a relationship only men who went through some serious shit together could forge. When they had been in training the higher-ups had seen something in them, both had scored high on the sniper range, but then, they had also scored high on hand-to-hand combat and logistics. All of that combined meant they were lethal weapons they could use in unique situations. In other words, jobs they did not want to be publicized and were best done under deep cover. They hadn’t approached the duo until they had been in the Middle East for a little more than six months. The high-ranking officials kept close watch of their teams and noticed what the two did in certain situations. It had impressed them.

Before a particular mission where the Ops was ordered to take out a high ranking official in Al Qaeda, the higher-ups had another target. One they didn’t want on the books. A man who apparently made a habit of helping the insurgents while seemingly playing at helping the NATO contingency wipe out the terrorists. JJ and Slick were ordered to break from their team and take care of the problem. They had done so without blinking. No one was the wiser on who had done it because JJ and Slick were like ghosts when they wanted to be. That was how it began.

The only time any of the Ops saw any emotion from JJ and Slick was when they were with Dani. The first time was overseas, Creed knew the moment his two friends saw Dani she was it. There was no one else. Why they fucked it up, he had no clue. JJ and Slick never talked about Dani, Creed only could see the difference when they were with her. JJ and Slick seemed more grounded, calmer, not like ticking time bombs. When she was injured, Creed had known they loved the operator, yet they let her go. He didn’t ask questions back then, now, he had to because there were a lot more people involved, and none of them wanted JJ or Slick near Dani.