Breaking Point (Ops Warriors #8)(3)

By: Harley McRide

“Guys, listen, I don’t know what happened before, but Dani is finally getting her memory back. She is still not back to normal, she needs time. Since she is under my protection, I think she needs to go with Doc and Fish as they requested,” Creed said, and JJ growled.

“You know she is ours, she has been for a long time. We are not going to sit back and let her leave the compound, we told you we were claiming her,” Slick snapped, and Creed sighed and ran a hand down the back of his neck staring at the two men who had been stubbornly saying the same thing for the last hour. Everything Creed noted, they had shot down and argued about.

“Well, then you’re going to need to give me an alternate plan, ‘cause Doc, and the Satan’s Sisters are adamant that Dani needs to be the one who makes the call on what’s going on. They’re asking her to come to the Furies’ compound until she figures out what she wants to do. I’m inclined to agree with them.”

“Yeah well, that doesn’t work for us considering she wants nothing to do with us since she’s focused on what happened just before she left the desert. So, while I get where you are all coming from, that is not acceptable. We need fucking time,” Jack said slowly, and then Slick nodded and growled.

“Jack is being nice. For my part, I don’t give a shit about the Furies and the Satan’s Sisters, they do not affect me. Dani is our priority, and I will be damned if we back off now. Tough shit if they don’t like it.”

Kink shook his head. “Brothers, you gave up that right when you refused to claim her when she asked you to. I sympathize with your situation, but I hate to be the one to point out, it’s your fault to begin with. She’s stuck in that time, and you guys had rejected her. It sucks, but dammit, that is where you’re at with her.”

Slick turned and stepped forward, and Jack grabbed his friend’s arm. They both could be loose cannons when needed, and right now it wasn’t required. This was probably the most they had spoken in a club meeting ever. They followed orders when needed, or else they secluded themselves from everyone. It wasn’t something they intended to do, it just turned out that way. No one was going to stand in their way when they wanted something, not even a brother. Dani was theirs, and nothing was going to change that.

“Listen,” Jack said with a growl. “We all know what happened overseas, we fucked up. We didn’t want to put her in any more danger than what she already was over there. And you and I know she would have been. Hell, we couldn’t even guarantee nothing would happen with us leaving her alone. Plus, if anyone figured she was our weakness, it would have been bad.”

Slick nodded. “You know what we did, and you know how we did it. Fuck, there was no way we were going to start a relationship with that shit swirling around us.”

Creed was silent, he knew what secret missions they went on, but not until after they had been in the unit for a while. And only then because both had come back with injuries on one mission. Finally, Creed had made the higher-ups answer a few questions about them. They were vague, but Creed had gotten the gist of it, because of that he had made sure he watched the two men. He knew both men held dark secrets that made them so detached from everyone. They were also stone-cold killers, and since their time in the military, they had only become more intense. Probably because a piece of them was taken away with each mission. Only someone who had been in the military could understand these men. When Slick and JJ had come to their unit Creed had been briefed on the two men, but they had left a fuck of a lot out of that briefing. He was told they were a sniper team, but they were so much more than that. Creed had seen it in their eyes, and when they disappeared for a few days and then showed back up unexpectedly looking like they had been on a five-day bender, they had all just let them go to their tent and relax. A day later the duo would emerge and act as if nothing happened. Hell, Creed could think of a few times they had seemed almost satisfied when they returned. He knew then the two men were dangerous, but they were still his brothers-in-arms, and he knew they had loyalty to their unit and its members. He also knew they needed a group to ground them, a family, and the Ops Warriors were that family. Now wasn’t different, but it was time for the two to talk about what happened overseas, or they would never be free of it.