Breaking Point (Ops Warriors #8)(4)

By: Harley McRide

“Yeah, we know what you were and what you did. However, that is not who you were before and after. You are not those people anymore,” Creed said firmly.

Maxi leaned over the table and caught both of their eyes, and he said, “I could have done what you did over there. Instead, I dealt with the ones who were captured, not killed. But we are cut from the same cloth; the difference is, I used humor to keep people away, you guys have the whole brooding thing going on.”

JJ rolled his eyes, “Yeah, I get it, the whole thing is in the past.”

Maxi shook his head, “Fuck no, it isn’t in the past, it is right there in front of your face, and until you two decide it’s time to face it head on, you are going to be shit out of luck with Hellcat. She is stubborn, and you know it. So, for right now, I have to agree with the others, Doc and the Sisters probably would be best for her right now.”

Slick growled and snapped, “You don’t know shit.”

JJ leaned close to his friend and said quietly, “We need to explain.”

Slick growled and looked around the room. “I thought that was why we joined this MC, they were accepting, and just let us be us. Now the rules are changing?”

JJ sighed and said, “Not the rules, more like if we want to change with Hellcat, then we need to let the past be put to rest once and for all.”

Slick sighed and ran a hand down the back of his neck. “We had a mission before Dani gave us the ultimatum of either claiming her or never seeing her again. On those missions we didn’t have a handler, if we were caught out in the cold with our pants down, it was our fault. Let’s just say, we got caught with our pants halfway down and afterward, JJ and I had targets on our backs. Until we finished the job, no one around us was going to be safe. Honestly, Dani had shitty timing on calling us out, ‘cause any other time she would not have had to go that far, we would have taken what we knew was ours. The specifics, you seriously don’t want to know about. The missions were intense, and yeah, it fucked us up, but being back here, we have worked through a lot of it alone. We still aren’t allowed to talk about the missions we were on specifically. Which is why we worked through them alone. Trust me, it wasn’t a picnic to go through some of those missions. They left marks on us, not physical ones either. But honest to God, we are ready for this.”

Creed and their other brothers in the club leaned back and waited for them to continue to explain. JJ snapped, “You know us, we would not be doing this now unless we were serious.”

“Or you could be thinking that maybe you can keep her safe if you make your claim,” Fork said slowly. “We know how close you were to her, but we also know what you did ripped something out of you. We want to help you, God, we have tried to help you over and over. But we need to make sure Dani will be taken care of.”

JJ frowned and leaned over and braced his hands on the table his president and vice were sitting behind, and he growled. “Are you fucking kidding me? You are questioning us?”

Creed sighed and said, “Brother, shit is about to get real in this fucking club. You know it, and I know it. The storm that is coming is gonna be vicious. We need to be prepared, to do that, we need to be on our toes and not distracted. The Black Hearts are going to be ruthless; those are going to be their orders, we know it, fuck, everyone knows it. Dani is awesome. She will always be the voice in our heads that helped us out. She was part of the Warriors overseas, not here. The Satan’s Sisters and the Furies are the ones who say she is part of their club. We have to respect that. Doc and Fish are going to be here soon to talk to her. They made it clear we are not to intervene, or they will be unhappy. You know right now we need their help. We can’t afford to piss them off right now. We know Fling wouldn’t abandon us, but we don’t want to hurt our relationship with them at this juncture, we haven’t been partners for long.”

JJ snapped, “Why didn’t you warn us, we need to get…”

Creed shook his head. “No, you need to sit down and listen to us. We know how you feel, but shit needs to be done.”

Slick glared at them. “Yeah, like moving Dani to our house so we can deal with this now. I am sick of waiting, she belongs to us, and you all fucking know it because we told you. Now, we are not letting her leave and go with the Sisters and the Furies. She is an Ops Warriors and will remain here.”