Brighter Than the Sun(118)

By: Maya Banks

Rusty’s eyes saddened a brief moment and then she shook it off and gave Zoe a jaunty wave before disappearing through the door leading into the social hall, which in turn would give her an exit to the back of the church.

Zoe waited a few moments to give Rusty enough time to make her escape and then she turned, gathering the folds of material in each hand, and walked up the aisle, her lips curving into a dreamy smile.

She was married. She’d found her Prince Charming, only he wore camo and combat boots and it was sexy as hell. Regret no longer found a pathway into her heart. Not for anything. Even Sebastian. Because if not for that debacle, she would have never gone to Rusty for help and would never have met and fallen in love with Joe.

No, she wouldn’t change a single thing even if she could go back and do it all over again. Because if she did then she wouldn’t be where and what she was today. And what she was . . . was happy.

As she reached the door, it opened to reveal Joe standing there and she stopped, struck by the gorgeous image of him in the black tux looking at her with so much love that it still bewildered her every time she caught him doing it.

Without saying a word, she launched herself the remaining distance and he caught her, hefting her up his chest. She wrapped her legs around him as best she could with so much material between them and planted her lips hungrily on his.

He groaned as his hand cupped her behind and lovingly caressed it. “Do we have to go to the reception?”

She laughed. “Well . . . we do have a honeymoon to see about. Don’t you have a plane?”

His eyes gleamed and a slow smile spread over his face. “As a matter of fact . . . I do.” He turned, hoisting her higher in his arms as he carried her through the church doors and into the midday sun. “Want to check it out, Mrs. Kelly?”