Broken Bits(95)

By: Kel O Connor

Too soon, though, he pulled back. “One more thing.”

Kit watched as he dug in the front pocket of his jeans and then held out his hand to her. In his trembling palm was her necklace. Dear God, he had not only kept it, but also brought it with him! She took it and managed to secure it around her neck. She looked at him in confusion.

He made a rueful face. “I asked Archie to keep an eye on Marius. When he found that Marius was close to finding you, I forced myself onto the case. I wanted to make sure you were happy. It was vitally important that you keep the necklace. As proof of what you meant to me. No matter the outcome, I wanted you to have that.”

Kit beamed and hugged him. “Take me home, super spy. I need to start packing.”

This time, Kit sat in the front seat, her hand on his thigh as he drove. They opened a window so Mal could enjoy hanging his head out in the breeze. Mick didn’t say much, and Kit had a sudden idea of what might be troubling him.

“Let me tell you about the day I met Mal,” she started.

And so she began to talk. At first, it was like putting on clothing that was two sizes too small. It felt restrictive, uncomfortable. Even though she had spent most of her life being chatty, she was out of practice. However, the more she went on, the more Mick smiled. And the more Mick smiled, the more she talked.


A few weeks later, Mick, Kit, and Mal had settled in a farmhouse across the river from DC. Mal loved chasing squirrels and romping in the creek. Kit had several job interviews lined up. Mick was settling back into work. He had been right – Malachai returned to DAG. In addition, they were headed to Atlanta this weekend to surprise Amy. Kit was overjoyed to spend time with her friends again.

On their way to dinner one night, Mick had inquired if she had selected the name she wanted to go by. Stay Edith, go back to Kit, or pick a new name?

She answered that she had decided and her choice was Mrs. Harris. Mick agreed that it was a brilliant choice and they should see to making it official right away.


There is no way this book would have happened if not for the support and understanding of my husband and children. They are my inspiration, the reason I keep trying and the best parts of my life.

My amazing critique partner Abby helped every step of the way and made me feel talented on days I felt like a hack. My Beta Readers Bobbette, Erica, Abby and Audra helped me to focus the story through many revisions. Cady saved my life with her proofreading. I want to give my editor Lauren Plude credit for inspiring me to expand the story and dozens of other suggestions that took my draft to another level. Many thanks to all the established authors who offered encouragement, advice and friendship.

More than anything, I am grateful for my husband-who has always encouraged me to go further than I think I can and gives me a safe place to fall when I fail. He is the reason I believe in love.