Club Vampire

By: Jordyn Tracey

Chapter One

You know how you break it off with your boyfriend, and he's all like, "girl, you know I still love you" and "we can work it out," and all you want to do is cut it short and get out of there. When it was good, it was smokin' hot, but then he starts getting all clingy, spouting love and dedicating songs to you on the radio.

Give me a break! All Ree wants is a sexy man with some money to do it right. And I do my part. Trust me. I work his body over like he's a king. I keep them coming back for more. I guess maybe it gets too good. They start falling for me, even after I've laid down the law. No hearts, no hurting. That's just the way it's got to be.

My friend Chelle will tell you, I don't need the complications. And I know it's rare that you find a woman who truly isn't looking for more, who doesn't secretly dream of the white picket fence, the kids, the husband. But you found her in me. Who knows, maybe it had something to do with my no good cheating parents. Yeah, both of them. Liars and cheaters, on each other and on everybody else—including me. That crazy stuff got them nowhere but murdered in a back alley somewhere—together for once. The police never found the killer.

So maybe I needed some serious counseling to work out my whacked out family history, and the fact that I had no one else to turn to. I didn't make it a priority; I lived my life my way. And it was working for me too. Real nice. 5

Well, until that one night that changed everything. I broke my rule. Keep it in your own house. By that I mean, I dated brothers exclusively, but when I met this one guy, Haven, I broke my rule. I should have known it wouldn't work out by his name alone.

But Haven's body was so good. It was rock hard, unnaturally hard and his skill at sex had even me almost on my knees begging for more. The man was amazing. And as hard as it was to break it off, I had to do it. He had started talking about making me his forever and crazy stuff like that. Sorry, baby, Ree doesn't go that way with men. On that last night, he stopped the car in the joke of a park out behind my street, one block over. Under a huge oak, the light didn't invade the darkness, and we sat kissing while Haven pushed a hand up my short skirt and was tugging at my panties.

"Whoa, Haven, baby." I laughed. "My place is just around the corner. Why are we even stopping here?" That's when I should have gotten out of the car and ran home. He hesitated, smiled at me and then sat straighter in his seat, fiddling with the radio although it wasn't on. "I was thinking ... um ... Ree, you're unlike any woman I've been with in all these years."

I laughed at him. "You're twenty-five. You make 'all these years' sound like you're an old man." I kicked off my spiky heels and scootched up in my chair, prepared to launch myself on his lap. Hell, if he wanted to do it in public, I had no problem with that. Many of my men liked it. And I was known to get off that way, depending on the location. Under a 6

tree, in a fake park wasn't one of them, but if it got Haven off, what the hell. The man's dick was almost too much for me to handle.

Haven pushed me back when I leaned across to him.

"Wait, I wanted to tell you something. Um..."


He still hedged. That was the only drawback about Haven. As hard as he was physically, I wanted a match in the emotions or mental capacity. That wasn't happening. "Just spit it out, baby," I encouraged.

"I'm really into you, Ree. I want you to be mine forever," he blurted.

I sat there staring at him. After a while, I pursed my lips and stroked his cheek. "Oh baby. You're amazing, for real. But..."

"But?" he croaked.

"Ree doesn't do that."

He frowned. "You talk about yourself in the third person when you're nervous or feeling insecure about something. See? I know you."

I wanted to shout, You don't know me! but I kept quiet. It was time to break it off. And it was a shame too, because looking at him and how generous he was, boy did I hate losing that.

The fact that Haven had wanted to stop and make his declaration before getting to my house was all the better. I now had plans to give him pleasure one last time, before telling him we had to end it. I know that sounded harsh, and I probably come off as sounding self-centered, but when you 7