Conquering Adversity (County Sheriffs #1)(3)

By: Becca Van

Death was a hard pill to swallow. Some people reacted better than others but the devastation of loss left behind a void in the heart that could never be filled. He’d lost his cousin while he, Clay, and the others had been serving overseas. He and Luke had been more like brothers and the hard part about all of it was that Luke had been home after serving their country. His cousin had been on leave when he’d been taken out by a drunk driver.

That had been one of the reasons he’d decided to follow Clay into law when they’d finished their time in the Rangers. He wanted to make their streets safer for the citizens of America. He was born to protect, as was Clay and his other friends. It was frustrating that he couldn’t change what others did but at least he made a small amount of difference. Or he hoped he did.

Spence turned away as the coroner placed the body in the body bag and zipped it up. With a sigh, Spence headed toward the ATV. It was going to be a long day. He and the others were going to the resort to question the guests. He just hoped that someone had seen something that would give them a clue on where to start looking for their killer.

Misha was getting very worried. Janice was supposed to have met her for breakfast but hadn’t turned up. She’d searched the resort and knocked on her friend’s door but hadn’t gotten a response. She was about to go to the reception desk and ask another staff member for a key to open the door to Janice’s room, but when she saw the lawmen walk in the front door, her heart stuttered before pounding in her chest. Her breathing escalated and sweat broke out on her skin and all of a sudden she felt cold to her very bones.

Her legs began to tremble with weakness as fear permeated her to her soul. She leaned against the wall and tried to calm her anxiety by taking deep even breaths before releasing them.

When she saw two of the lawmen stalk toward the receptionist desk, she closed her eyes and tried to tell herself she was being ridiculous. Janice had always liked going for walks and had probably gotten up before Misha and decided to fill in the time until breakfast by exploring. She’d probably lost track of time and didn’t realize they’d missed their appointed meeting.

She and Janice had gotten their college degrees a year ago and since they hadn’t seen each other in twelve months, Misha had invited her friend to the resort where she worked so they could catch up. Janice had jumped at the chance. They’d spent the last week chatting and having fun whenever Misha wasn’t working.

Janice had been at the top of her class and had been fortunate enough to land an accounting job in New York. Her friend had jumped at the opportunity to live in a big city after spending all of her life in the rural part of the States and though Misha had been devastated, she’d also been happy that her friend had gotten her dream job.

Misha was and always would be a small town girl and though Twin Falls, Idaho had a population into the forty thousands, she’d never wanted to leave. However, after getting her degree in hospitality and not finding employment in her local area, she’d had to expand her search for employment. She’d applied for and gotten the job of assistant resort manager. She loved working at the resort, making sure the employees were doing what they were supposed to and making sure that all the orders went through in a timely manner so the place never ran out of supplies. She’d been working on a project for her boss regarding paid hiking tours and had just hired an experienced wilderness guide. He seemed nice enough and would be great for leading the hikes.

She hadn’t had that many friends since her parents had died but not because others hadn’t tried to get close to her. It had taken her a long time to get over the grief of losing her parents and she’d kept people at a distance because she’d been scared of losing someone else. However, Janice hadn’t let her aloofness bother her and in less than a week of sharing a dorm room, the other woman had smashed through Misha’s defenses.

She’d missed her friend after they’d gone their separate ways after getting their degrees, but they kept in touch by calling each other once a week and by email. Misha sighed as she pushed her inner thoughts aside.