Conquering Adversity (County Sheriffs #1)(76)

By: Becca Van

“Come here, baby.” Clay held his hand out to her and she didn’t hesitate to go to him or Spence. They hadn’t made love since Phillip had run her off the road and she was more than ready to reaffirm her love with them, by making love with them.

Clay grasped her hand and helped her into the middle of the mattress. As soon as she was settled between her men, Clay leaned over and kissed her hungrily. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him rapaciously, tangling her tongue with his and rubbing them together. She moaned when Spence cupped a breast and took the nipple into his mouth, suckling on the sensitive tip.

Clay broke the kiss and began to nibble his way down her body. He laved and sucked on her other nipple before continuing the journey down further.

His hands caressed up and down her thighs, widening her legs, and she groaned as he licked up through her folds with his tongue, swirling the tip around her engorged throbbing clit. Seconds later, she was screaming out her first climax.

Clay shifted from between her legs and Spence took his place. He locked gazes with her and slowly began to push his thick, hard cock into her wet cunt. Once he was fully seated, he covered her body with his, and as he kissed her voraciously, he rolled them over until he was beneath her.

Misha bent her legs as she straddled his hips, whimpering with pleasure as Spence’s cock sank a little deeper. She shivered when Clay moved up behind her and trembled with arousal as he caressed down her back until he got to her ass. He gently squeezed one butt cheek and pressed a cool, moist finger against her pucker.

Misha’s pussy and ass clenched with need and she couldn’t stay still any longer. She began to rock her hips, moaning and groaning as Clay finger fucked her as he stretched her out. Spence grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her tight against him so she couldn’t move as Clay withdrew his fingers from her back entrance.

The tip of Clay’s lubed condom-covered cock slid over her pucker and he pressed inside.

Misha gasped and moaned before leaning up to kiss Spence again. She was so lost in their touches, in the caresses and their loving, and knew she found paradise on earth.

When she felt Clay’s hips against her butt cheeks, she pushed up off Spence’s chest and wriggled her hips. Both men growled and began to move.

Clay withdrew from her ass and as he stroked back in, Spence eased from her cunt. Each time they advanced and retreated, they moved a little faster, harder and deeper, until their bodies were slapping together.

She sobbed with need as the fire and pressure inside of her grew hotter and tauter. Her legs began to shake and her clit was throbbing right along with her heartbeat. Nerves endings zapped and sizzled, slowly sending her up the steep slope until she was standing right on the edge of the universe.

And then she was flying.

Misha screamed as rapture grabbed hold of her. Her internal muscles clenched and released, grabbed and let go over and over. Juices dripped from her cunt, making wet slurping sounds as she came so hard she saw stars.

Clay and Spence shuttled their dicks in and out of her ass and pussy, sending her right back up into another orgasm. Stars burst before her eyes and she was only vaguely aware of hearing Clay shouting before he shoved deep in her ass and came.

Spence surged forward once more with a yell and he, too, reached his peak, bathing her insides with his warm cum.

Misha flopped down onto Spence, her body still quaking with aftershocks, and knew in that moment of rapturous clarity that nothing would ever tear them apart again. It didn’t matter what that sick fuck had said, he would never get near her again.

She’d conquered adversity and survived, and though she was still working on her fear, she wasn’t about to let anyone take her from the loves of her life.

And she knew her men and their friends wouldn’t give up until the serial killer was dead or behind bars.

Misha was looking forward to a long happy life.