Conquering Evil (County Sheriffs #3)

By: Becca Van

County Sheriffs 3: Conquering Evil

FBI agent and profiler Jasmine Urban has come to Cody, Wyoming, for the specific purpose of capturing a serial killer. What she didn’t expect was her attraction to two deputy sheriffs, Cooper Ellis and Tanner Collins.

Cooper and Tanner are drawn to the feisty profiler from day one, but her sharp tongue and “keep off” signs keep them at arm’s length. However, when Jasmine devises a plan to dye her hair to make herself look more like the one and only woman who managed to escape the psychopath’s clutches, Tanner and Cooper can’t remain in the background any longer.

There are shadows in Jasmine’s eyes. Both men know they won’t be able to move forward in a relationship with Jasmine until they uncover whatever is haunting her. The killer finally makes his move, and Jasmine is ready for him. She’s a trained agent and a black belt in karate. She’s in the fight for her life and has the upper hand, but then things turn back on her. Will she survive?

Chapter One

Jasmine knew the second they walked in the door of the Sheriff’s Department. The fine hairs on her body stood on end, her breasts swelled, her nipples hardened, and her sex began to soften and moisten. However, she ignored her body’s response to their proximity, and she would continue to do so. There was no way she would ever get involved with the two deputy sheriffs.

She pushed them from her mind as she delved into cold cases looking for any similarities to the serial killer on the loose in the Cody area. She hated that she hadn’t been able to get everything from the killer that would lead to his arrest other than an average age and being a Caucasian male. Guilt assailed her each time another woman ended up dead, and though it was hard to push her feelings aside, she had to. Otherwise, she would end up neck-deep in the quagmire, and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to find her way out.

What had surprised her—and she was rarely surprised anymore—was that Bella hadn’t been killed when the psychopath had managed to kidnap her. The only hypothesis she could come up with was that Misha was the only woman who’d gotten away from him and he’d been using Bella to taunt the other woman. Maybe he thought hurting Bella would draw Misha out.

A psychopath wouldn’t like that his plans, his kill had escaped. It wasn’t about the emotion. It was more as if the serial killer couldn’t let it go. She thought that maybe Misha had become and obsession. Maybe he’d liked her fighting him. Had the other women tried to fight him off? Jasmine sighed with frustration. She had a feeling that the sick fuck was getting desperate in his bid to get his hands on the two sheriffs’ woman, Misha. Jasmine hoped like hell he was going to slip up and lead her straight to him. She prayed that the men could keep Misha safe.

She’d spent hour upon hour at the Pahaska Tepee Resort scoping out the staff and trying to see if she could pinpoint the serial killer, but so far, no luck. She’d actually suspected one of the resort’s contractors, but his wife had been a target and lost her life. The poor guy had fallen apart and, after his wife’s funeral, had quit his job. She’d also spent hours with both Misha and Bella questioning them as gently as possible about their time in the hands of the killer. Neither woman could give her anything new other than the psycho wore a grotesque clown mask and kept his hair very short. She was so frustrated that, at times, she wanted to scream, but that wouldn’t achieve anything, so she swallowed the urge back down.

Jasmine had been running one scenario after another through her mind on how to catch this bastard, and the only solution she could come up with was to use herself as bait. She was approximately the same height and weight as Misha. A good wig or hair dye would change the color of her hair, and thankfully she wouldn’t need to wear contacts since they both had blue eyes. She wasn’t scared about being bait to lure this sick fuck out. She’d endured enough shit in her life and had learned to push fear aside, or use it to her own advantage. She’d learned to use adrenaline when her flight-or-fight instincts kicked in time and time again. Plus, she had the added benefit of having a black belt in karate, as well as all the training she’d endured to become an FBI agent.