Craving the Cowboy(70)

By: Liz Isaacson

She took his face in her hands and kissed him. “I’m serious.”

They walked faster back to the truck than they had meandering out to the bluebonnets. He opened the passenger-side door but didn’t step back to let her climb up. Instead he reached inside and opened the glove compartment.

When he faced her again, he looked like he’d swallowed dynamite and was about to explode. He dropped to one knee, and her heart hammered out of control.

“My sister is goin’ to kill me,” he muttered. “But you said you wanted a ring, and I sort of already have one for you.” He cracked the lid on the little black box to reveal a diamond twice as big as the ones she’d just looked at.

“I love you with all my heart. Felicity Lightburne, will you marry me? Be my wife, my partner, my horse trainer, the mother of my children, my everything?”

He gazed at her with hope and happiness, fear and worry.

She had never wanted anything as much as she wanted to be his. And that thought wasn’t caging or suffocating, but liberating.

“Yes,” she said in a strong, sure voice. “Yes, I’ll be yours.”

He stood and kissed her, and Felicity had never felt quite so whole as she did while kissing her fiancé.