Daddy, Daddy, and Me(73)

By: Sean Michael

“Yeah, from New York. They’ve got their six-year-old son with them.”

“Oh, how fun! Twenty bucks says they go out to Ritchie’s for supper.”

Don had made up sheets with different suggestions depending on the type of customer they had. They’d decided early on they wouldn’t provide any dinner service. That time was for family.

“That’s a sucker bet.” Don dug into his pancakes. “Have you eaten?”

“Hmm?” Don knew he usually waited until after lunch service. It was a constant push between them.

Don rolled his eyes and offered him a forkful of pancakes.

He opened up, humming over the pancakes. “I’ll be done here at two, then I’ll come up and give you a break.” Take his nap with the kids.

“Sounds good. We’re going to go work on the garden.” They were growing their own herbs and vegetables, which Robbie was taking very seriously.

Robbie nodded. “There’s going to be ’matoes, Daddy.”

“Excellent. I love tomatoes. What do you want for supper tonight, son?”

Robbie pondered while Jeff waited. Lasagna or pizza?

“Chickens with sauces.”

“What kind of sauces?” Don asked between mouthfuls.

“Yellow and red and brown.”

Jeff chuckled. Broiled chicken breast with honey mustard, cranberry, and gravy it was. “Can we have broccoli and rice too?”

“No. No rice. Noodles.”


“I like the three-colored springs,” Don noted.

Robin bounced. “Yes! Fancy noodles.”

Jeff could do that. “Fancy noodles it is.”

Christina waved a ticket at him.

“Gotta go make good food, guys.” He stood, kissed Kimberley, Robin, Don. “Have a good time in the garden.”

“Okay, Daddy Jeff. I’m gonna put Daddy Donny to work.”

Robin sounded so serious that Jeff cracked up, and the customers in the restaurant beamed at them.

“I guess I’ve got my marching orders.” Don leaned in and kissed him softly. “Don’t work too hard.”

“I won’t. Love you, babe.” More every day.

Don caught his gaze and nodded. “Yeah. Me too.”

“Good deal.” He winked at Robin. “Come see me for a late lunch, sir?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

Kimmie banged her spoon and crowed. “Da!”

He nodded and waved, heading back to his kitchen to make pancakes and plan something fun for fancy noodles.

Noodles for his kids and their daddies.