Delicious Torment(142)

By: Linsey Lanier


Dear Reader,

Wow, that was intense.

So Miranda came through and saved the day. And Parker. That willingness to risk her neck came in handy that time.

Looks like she’s still got her job at the Parker Agency. As well as Parker’s heart.

But what about Miranda’s daughter, Amy?

In the next book, Parker pursues his idea to find her long lost child. Unfortunately, it means Miranda has to return home and relive some painful memories.

And then she finds a body in a wall.

There’s a new killer on the loose, and he’s just discovered how much he enjoys murdering women.

Can Miranda and Parker stop him before it’s too late?

Or will she be his next victim?

You’ll want to find out, because this is a story you won’t be able to put down.

Get it now.

Forever Mine (A Miranda and Parker Mystery) #3


Linsey Lanier