Denying Heaven

By: D H Sidebottom



“Chase, you’re under the thumb” Gary grumbled at me as I whipped my jacket from the back of the chair and slipped it on, already calling it a night.

“Nah, mate, it’s called love and a rockin’ hot woman at home who since becoming pregnant, is always gagging for it.” I winked and grinned as an image of a naked Shona rumbled into my head and my dick stirred obligingly.

My beautiful wife had been ravenous since she hit the last trimester of her pregnancy. Her constant hunger for my cock wasn’t hearing any complaints from me that was for sure.

Pete slapped my back with reverence before he turned back to the stripper grinding herself across Benny’s lap. He was in his element, the only virgin among us and I think he was about to lose his virginity without penetration any second.

I tipped my head to the guys then to Benny, signalling Benny’s imminent embarrassment.

His jaw dropped and his eyes fluttered before the tart squealed and jumped off his knee, her shocked face gawping at the stain swiftly appearing in Ben’s lap.

“Fucking hell, Ben!” Gary hooted as Benny cringed and curled his lip in shock as he stared at the mess.

“Jesus Christ!” Ethan scoffed with disgust beside me. “I’m off home with you, Chase. I’m sure Shona won’t mind if I kip on your sofa. No way am I going back with…that!”

I chuckled and nodded, “Sure, we’ll try and keep the noise down” I smirked at him.

“Don’t on my account; I can wank to your wife’s moans.”

“Fucking hell, Ethan” I barked and he rolled his eyes.

“Relax, fuck, I’m not that sick.”

I raised my eyebrows in dispute to his statement. “You need to find a bird and settle down, Ethan, it’ll do you good.” I told him as we pushed the club doors open and stepped onto the frosty pavement whilst my fingers swiftly texted Shona to tell her to get ready for me.

I fancied taking her slow and long tonight, sate her lengthily and adoringly.

God, she was fucking beautiful. I had fell hard for her the moment my eyes landed on her in the first class at college four years ago.

She had sat next to me in A level music and I was chewing on my pen like a starving bulldog as I stared at her like some frigging pervert. She had leant across and asked if she had something stuck to her face and then we both started giggling like adolescents, appropriating a severe scowl from our lecturer, but after that we were inseparable.

She had fell as hard for me as I had her and within two years, aged eighteen, we were married, settled and so god damn happy it was blinding.

The way she looked at me, her bright blue eyes twinkling at me mischievously never failed to make my heart beat that bit faster. The swing of her tight hips and even tighter arse made my body crave her constantly. The flow of her long blond hair and the way it swept down her back, almost covering her delicious bum made me wanna wind it around me and tie her to me continually.

She was my life…simple.

“Nah, I’m good.” Ethan said quietly and I knew my words had brought back memories of Jen.

“Shit, Ethan, sorry mate.”

He shrugged, “I’m okay.” He frowned and sighed heavily and my heart hurt for my friend since primary school. “She’s not coming back, Chase, and I need to start accepting it. It’s been two fucking years now; I’ve looked everywhere and…nothing. I need to stop behaving like a fucking pussy and get back into the scene.”

I nodded faintly but tapped his shoulder lightly as we rounded the corner onto my street. Ethan stumbled off the curb and onto the road in front of an oncoming BMW speeding at a pace that would make Jenson Button proud.

“Fucking prick!” Ethan shouted as he jumped back onto the path with his hand holding his pounding chest.

“Jesus” I swallowed harshly as I watched the Beemer fly round the corner and disappear. “You okay?”

He nodded and puffed out a relieved blast of air, “Maniac.”

I nodded in agreement as we stalked up my path and I fiddled in my pockets for my keys.

“Shit” I murmured when I realised I’d left them with my wallet on the table in the club. “Shit” I repeated as I looked up at Ethan to explain.