Don't Trust A Killer(110)

By: Cynthia Eden

He gazed into her eyes. Talking was still hard, but… “Love…you.”

She leaned forward and kissed him. A gentle, sweet kiss. He could taste her tears in that kiss. “And I love you, and walking into that room, seeing your blood on the floor—it was like walking straight into my worst nightmare.”

His beautiful Bree…

“But the nightmare ended differently. He didn’t win this time. This time, I won. He’s dead, and I have you, and I’m going to be happy. We’re going to be happy.”

Hell, yes, they would be. He’d do anything necessary to keep her happy. Anything.

“I love you, Kace, and as soon as you get out of this bed, yes, I’ll marry you.”


“I can’t believe you want me to be your best man.” Remy adjusted the sling on his arm. The bullet had torn into his rotator cuff. “I’m surprised that you’re even still talking to me.”

Kace slowly pulled on his tux. The stitches in his chest ached, but he ignored the pain. He was about to marry Bree. She was all that mattered.

“You knew all along?” Remy pushed. “Is that why I couldn’t find evidence against you?”

“You found evidence. You just didn’t use it.” He headed closer to Remy. “That’s why you’re the best man.”

Remy’s eyes narrowed. “You set me up. You had me in that room because you were planning to kill Dominic. You thought you’d force a confession out of him, and when I heard the truth, I’d back you up.”

“No, I thought that when you heard the truth, you’d take your gun out of my back. You’d let me kill him. Then you’d drag my ass to jail.” He shrugged. The stitches burned with the movement. Whatever. He could deal with the pain.

“You were willing to go to jail?”

“For Bree? Hell, yes.” But things had worked out differently.

Remy whistled. “You have fallen far and hard.”

He sure had. “Be careful, my friend…” And he actually meant the term. “You might find yourself falling one day, too.”

Remy appeared horrified by the very notion. “Hell, no. Not me.”

“Lie to yourself if you want.” Kace smiled. “Trust me, you’ll fall when you never expect it.”

Music started to play. Shit. It was time. He had to get out there. No way was he leaving his Bree waiting. He made it to the altar. The St. Louis Cathedral was filled with his friends…

And some enemies.

Even a few FBI agents. Not Grayson Wesley. He hadn’t gotten an invitation to the event of the season. Too bad for that jerk. But Kace had dropped his charges against the guy. Since Grayson had helped to save Bree at the cemetery, Kace had decided to be kind. For the moment, anyway. He wasn’t quite done with Grayson…

“How’d you score this place on such short notice?” Remy asked in a hushed voice as he stood beside Kace.

Kace looked down the long aisle and saw Bree slowly approaching him. “I know the right people.”

“You bribed the right people, you mean.”

How insulting. “I’m not a criminal, Remy. I’m an upstanding member of the community.”

Bree was almost upon them.

She was freaking gorgeous.

“You’re one lucky bastard,” Remy told him, the words barely above a whisper.

Yes, he was.

Kace took Bree’s hand and knew he’d hold her forever. She was the one thing that mattered to him, the one thing he couldn’t live without.

He’d lie for her, fight for her, and kill for her in a heartbeat.

Maybe those should be his wedding vows…

“You’re smiling.” Bree’s voice was husky. Sexy. She smiled back at him. “You’re happy?”

Happy wasn’t the right word.

He was complete. His life was whole. He didn’t have to struggle, didn’t have to fight, didn’t have to possess everything because he had nothing.

He had Bree, and with her…he had everything he’d ever need.

He had the entire world.

The End