Ever Fallen in Love(35)

By: Wendi Zwaduk

Tucker shuddered. “The thought of Eric Trask in a thong has seriously curbed my sex drive. I think my dick just climbed inside me."

"He's not your type?” She batted her lashes. “Aw, he's cute in a lumbering, silent-but-studly way. Janine thinks so anyway."

"She would.” Tucker wrapped his arms around her and flipped her underneath him. “I like my partners a little more like you. Perfect and mine.” He buried his face in the column of her neck and rained kisses on the silky skin. “I take it you really don't want to explore Las Vegas?"

"We're in the warmth and seclusion of the motor coach. You're naked, I'm naked and no one wants our time until Monday. I could care less what's happening outside the windows."

"I do like the tinted glass and thicker insulation. Coming here was the best decision.” Tucker slid his cock over the slickness of her folds. “Now I want to make you come for me."

Megan encircled his waist with her legs. Her eyelids fluttered shut and her words came out breathy. “It didn't hurt that you won a race here this weekend, did it?"

"Well yes, there is that, but I liked our reason for being here better.” Tucker braced his knees and propped himself up on one arm. He kissed the ring finger of her left hand. “I'd rather know I have your love for the rest of my life than win some race."

"You got both and a hard-on.” She angled her hips, welcoming him into her body. “Oh, my."

Tucker groaned and grasped her hips, setting a slow pace in and out of her pussy. “Pretty good for a washed-up driver, eh?"

"Pretty good, indeed.” Her lips curved as she arched her back.

He paused and rested his forehead against hers. “You don't regret our little jaunt last night, do you?"

Without opening her eyes, Megan shifted and hooked her ankles together, sending him deeper into her slick channel. “And miss out on being Mrs Poston?” She opened her eyes and cocked her head. “Nah. I'm game.” She scratched his nipple with her fingernail. “Done talking?"

"Bad girl.” Tucker sat back on his heels and yanked her onto his lap. “Should I tie you to the headboard and spank your ass raw?"


"We've got all night.” He cupped the back of her neck and nipped her bottom lip. “Right now, this champ wants a celebratory fuck with his wife."

"All night long."