Ever Fallen in Love(4)

By: Wendi Zwaduk

"Personal issues?” Megan took a step back and gripped the railing. “King's not the easiest person to be around."

"King and I have a well-founded mutual hatred, but I meant because he's tearing Mat down at every turn. He's toxic. Mat can run and knows what to do if he's got the right guy on the box."

"I don't want to stoke your ego, but you're right.” She looked away and considered her words. With her team on the line, Tucker had come through. She glanced at Mat's truck. He'd made it through turn four in a perfect arc. She chuckled. “He's not perfect, but Mat managed that lap without wall contact. Thank you."

"No thanks needed.” Tucker redirected her gaze by tipping her chin with the pad of his finger. Heat burned in the depths of his hazel eyes. Her stomach flip-flopped. He dipped his head until their noses were mere millimetres apart. “I'm glad I did something right today—I made you smile."

Smile? Check. Unearth long-buried lusty thoughts? Check. Megan splayed her hand on his chest. “You saved the collective butts of Blitz Racing. We're appreciative."

"Keep up the mushy talk and I'll start thinking you care.” Tucker's breath warmed her skin. His eye lids drooped, almost as if he wanted to kiss her. “Do you still care?"

"I never stopped, but you lost interest.” There. She'd made her point. Blunt, but she felt a little better. Sort of.

"Touche.” Tucker paused. He cupped her cheek, rubbing the pad of his thumb along the line of her jaw. “I need to get back to MPR, but I'd like to follow Eric's advice and talk with you some more. This was kinda fun."

"I suppose you think we owe you, as well.” Her skin tingled from his touch. Not good and yet better than the best.

"You do, but not up here.” Tucker descended the ladder into the meeting room of the hauler. He held his hand out when Megan reached the bottom rung. “Too many prying eyes up there."

Not wanting to encourage him, Megan strode out of the truck and stood in the shadow of the hauler. She shielded her eyes. “This is a little better.” She inched close to Tucker and kept her voice low. “And you want me to make it up to you in a very personal way?"

Crimson infused his cheeks. Had she got under his skin? He didn't blush easily. Tucker rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand. “Please do make it up to me. I can think of at least three ways right now and one involves the hood of my Impala."

Megan nodded and bit down hard on the inside of her cheek to suppress a smile. “Stop back when the race concludes. It should be worth your while."

"I'll be here.” His lips parted and his eyes widened. “I want to tell you, I—I wish I could take back what happened.” He toyed with the knobs on the radio. “I've made mistakes, lots of them, but losing you is right at the top."

He regretted his actions? A shred of the anger she'd held on to for the past ten years dissipated. “We all have things we're not proud of."

"I want to start over and show you I can love you the way you deserve."

The earnestness in his voice chipped away at the fortifications around her heart. “Let's not get mixed up. You love racing and race cars, not women."

"There's one woman in particular who is very near and dear to my heart. Tell me what you want me to do to make things up to you,” he murmured. “I'll do whatever it takes. I've still got a set of handcuffs with your name on them."

She'd bet he did. Handcuffs dangling from his headboard as a reminder of a conquest. Not a lost love. No way.

Megan glanced over Tucker's shoulder. Her assistant Janine remained a few feet away but had crooked her brow and crossed her arms. Thank God for friends with attitudes. Another moment and she'd have caved in to Tucker's sweet apologies. “How about you just show up?"

"I see you haven't taken the teardrop off."

"It went with my outfit."

"Uh-huh. I'll be here...later.” Tucker tipped his hat and sauntered away.

Drawing a long breath and letting it out, Megan leaned against the hauler wall. She couldn't take back the invitation. She followed the slight sway of his ass as he blurred into the crowd. Why did the cute ones have to leave the deepest emotional wounds?