Finding a Princess(3)

By: Amy Richie

There were no stars visible tonight – not one. This was probably why my parents hadn't wanted me. As a general rule, I didn't give in to sessions of self pity. Everyone in the world had a story, there was something wrong with all of us.

“You alright?” Luke's soft tones called out to me.

“Yeah,” I sat up straighter in my seat, “just a little tired.”

It wasn't a lie either, I hadn't been sleeping well for days. Guilt had weighed me down, guilt and fear. We didn't really know how strong my abilities were, or even what they were all the way. Could I make people do what I wanted or only believe what I told them?

I thought I would feel relief when it was all over and we were free to do what we wanted. The relief didn't come though, there was just more guilt and even something stronger than that filling up the empty places I had created inside of myself.

“Do you ever think,” he hesitated, unsure of himself, “do you ever think about your destiny?”

“My destiny?” One eyebrow arched high. Since when did Luke think about destinies? As far as I knew, he didn't think much further than his next meal. “You think it's my destiny to be a criminal?”

“No,” I saw the heat flushing up his neck and spilling over into his undefined cheeks, “that's my point.”

I regarded him through narrow eyes. “You didn't say enough to make a point.” Just what was he trying to say?

“I just mean,” he raised his hand and let it fall forcefully back onto the steering wheel, “I don't think this is what you were made for.”

“Made for?” I scoffed. “None of us were; which is why we're running from the cops now.”

“You're not like the rest of us,” he insisted.

“Cuz I'm a better liar?” I tried to shrug.

He shook his head though. “We all know it's more than that.”

Realizing my mouth was hanging open, I snapped it shut. Luke never had much to say; a follower with every slow step. I never could understand the bond he shared with the other two. He was in trouble a lot, but only because the other two dragged him along. He always seemed content with that role. Who knew there was more behind those serious eyes?

“I don't believe in fate,” I finally said on a deep sigh. “We create our own path, there isn't already one laid out for us.” That would just be too easy.

“I still say you were meant for more than this.” His lips turned upwards slightly, further amazing me.

“Kalli,” Lana yelled from behind me. She had a way of ruining any warmth I almost felt.

“What?” I snapped.

“Did you get chips?” She waved the empty bag behind my head.


“You were supposed to. I'm starving. When are we stopping to eat?”

We should have thought to bring some tranquilizer. I could have swiped some from my foster mom. She took so many, she would have never noticed if a few were missing. Knocking her out had to be better than listening to her and using a pill just seemed nicer.

“We're not stopping again until we have to.”

“When will that be? When one of us has to pee?”

“When we need gas.” If I rolled my eyes anymore, they'd likely keep rolling around in their sockets like a slot machine.

“That could be forever,” she complained.

“Why don't you try sleeping,” Luke suggested, half turning in his seat, “it's the middle of the night.”

“I know, but...”

“Watch out!”

I saw the man standing in the middle of the road just before the front of our car knocked him down. We all heard the thumps his body made as our back tires ran over him. Just before chaos broke out, everything went completely quiet, eerily quiet.

Chapter Three

I felt my heart thundering in my chest, struggling to break free of my ribs and come tearing through my clothes. My eyes had seen what happened but my brain didn't want to believe it. We just killed someone.

“What was that?” Lana shrieked. “Did we just kill someone?”

Get out or stay in the car? Get out or stay in the car? Get out and see if he was ok or just drive because we already knew he wasn't?

“He just came out of nowhere!” Luke cried. “Where did he come from? Why was he in the middle of the street?”