Finding Ava

By: Jennifer Loren

The Devil’s Eyes: Available now.

Nicholas Jayzon has broken through the chains of his destitute past by stealing, swindling and charming his way to owning his city. In the city where most everyone owes him a favor, Nick’s power is growing. The police can’t touch him and his enemies are becoming powerless to take him down. He is intelligent, cunning and above all … alluring. No woman can resist him. But, one woman is determined to bring him down and her reasons are personal. Kayla Donovan has spent years preparing for the time she faces him again and plans on denying Nick as much of her as she can. She knows him; she knows what gets his attention and what he can’t resist. Kayla is the only one that can possibly look into his devilish eyes and not be besieged by them or controlled by a single whisper of his desire. If she is able to manage her fears, then there is no reason for her not to succeed, and if she can’t … well, she has nothing to lose. She has no one left to care about her or to miss her if she fails in her mission. She has no one, not since her beloved sister fell for Nick, became controlled by him, and eventually died because of him.

Driven by hate, Kayla is determined to find a way into Nick’s favor, find a way to make him trust her so she can find the heart of the devil and tear it apart before he captures hers.

The Devil’s Eyes is a Dark, Intense, Romance novel. Not your typical story of two perfect people coming together after overcoming a life challenge. No, Nick and Kayla are two imperfect people, trying to overcome the brutal realities of their worlds and finding life as criminals comes naturally to them both.

The Devil’s Revenge: A sequel to The Devil’s Eyes.

The corrupt senator, Spencer Welch, the city’s old district attorney is making a bid for the Vice-Presidency. He has plenty of money to back him, considering his new ally, Joseph Estrella. What he never considered - is the enemies he made along the way would come back to haunt him. Coming Spring 2012.

Reckless: A sequel to Finding Ava.

This story dives deep into the making of the movie “Reckless”, and simultaneously takes you on a ride filled with sex, drama, disastrous sabotage, and battles of woman against woman and man against man. You will have to take a breath before you read this story because you won’t be able to take another until after it ends. Find a preview at the end of this book. Coming Summer 2012.


It is disturbing how quickly my life has gone from being so assured to so mystifying. What I thought I always wanted now seems so meaningless. As hard as I try to curse the doubts and those debilitating feelings overtaking me, I am still being drawn to somewhere else, to someone else. I find myself night after night dreaming of a man I haven’t even met, dreaming of a life I never knew I wanted. Even during my nights spent with Jasper, my idol, my boss and the man who should be the one - he distracts me. My discontentment is forcing my usual runs through the park to become longer and faster paced as I sort out the details of my dreams and the shadowy man that vividly calls out for me. It was only a few days ago, I felt him or at least what I thought was him but - I was wrong. This new presence has nowhere near the same emotion of the man in my dreams. The watchful eyes are suddenly everywhere I go, I can hear them breathing in anticipation of my recognition of them but fear keeps me from seeking them out. I pretend I am only imagining the malice that has begun to haunt me but I can’t help wonder if I am being pulled toward something wonderful or pushed away from something sinister.

Chapter 1: Ava

I have worked my whole life striving to achieve that seemingly unattainable dream. Despite my barriers, I have been able to achieve all that I could have hoped for, that includes working alongside the one I have long admired the most, Jasper Andrews. He is inspiring and I have taken every opportunity I can to learn from him regardless of people questioning the elite projects that Jasper is assigning me too. No matter what they think about me, no one can question my work ethic or my dedication. In fact, Jasper has proven his confidence in me by inviting me to a board member dinner at his home tonight. I know this is my opportunity to prove myself, and hopefully an opportunity to pick my own team for the new city project. One person I already know for sure will be on my team is my best friend since eighth grade summer camp, Kyle. I met Kyle when we both fell in love with Billy Press, the summer camp’s king of all sports. If not for the Billy Press fan club, and the late nights discussing his joyous athletic abilities, Kyle and I might not be friends today. Even though Kyle is from Georgia and me from Kentucky we stayed in touch until we attended college together, all the way to Columbia. We earned our Masters in Architecture and both are now working for Jasper and living on the cheap, the wretchedly cheap, in a cramped apartment above Mr. Wong’s restaurant.