Game Over (Alaskan Sabears #2)(2)

By: Becca Van

When he had millions in the bank, he’d also have his pick of any woman he wanted.

He had so much to look forward to, but there was a lot of preparation needed before his plans could come to fruition. However, hard work had never bothered him, not when the results were going to outweigh the last fifty years of disappointment and solitude.

He was going to get his just desserts one way of the other, come hell or high water.

Chapter One

Ever since the incident with Celeste’s stalker, Phelan Redmond and Hopper Sawyer had changed, and Tammy wasn’t sure that was a good thing. They were her mates, and though she’d known that since she was a young teenager, neither man had ever given her the time of day. In fact, they’d gone out of their way to avoid her.

When Tammy had decided to goad them into claiming her by telling her parents, in front of the two men, that she was going away to college, she’d expected them to protest. Her plan had backfired and neither man had said a word. After she’d been hurt, they’d been practically by her side since, but after feeling so rejected, she wasn’t sure she wanted anything to do with them anymore.

Her heart was one big continuous ache and though she craved their touch, she wasn’t about to make the first move. She wasn’t sure how they’d kept their distance or their sanity since she’d heard her parents, as well as her brother, Tarik, and his best friend, Hodge, say that once a sabear had met his fated one, the mating heat kicked in and there was no way to stop the inevitable conclusion. She was also puzzled over how Phelan and Hopper hadn’t gone insane since they’d been living in the same town for years. It was reported that once a sabear shifter met his mate, they had to claim her so their inner beasts wouldn’t take over. If that happened, the likelihood of being able to shift back into their human form was slim.

Maybe they had to do more than touch her hand or arm. Maybe they had to actually kiss her for the mating heat to kick in. Maybe it had something to do with their pheromones and saliva mixing to start the unrequited lust she’d only ever heard about. That made sense to her. Perhaps it was set off because she’d been in danger. She gave a mental shrug, because any or all of those scenarios could have been a catalyst.

She could be wrong, of course, but secretly she was glad her mates weren’t about to go crazy or turn into wild animals never to be human men again. The thought of never seeing them, let alone touching them, caused pain to pierce her heart and her breath to hitch in her throat as a sob threatened to form. She took a deep breath and then another, sighing when the constriction in the vicinity of her chest alleviated slightly.

Sometimes Tammy wished she had more of the sabear DNA because if she did, she might be able to shift into her animal form, too. Sabears were a mix of a polar bear and the extinct saber-toothed tiger, with the polar bear being the more predominant gene.

Tammy sighed.

She should be happy with who she was and most of the time she was. She was faster and stronger than the average human, and also had enhanced senses, but that was as far as it went. Sure, she liked having those added influences, but she’d gotten it into her head that if she could shift, just maybe Phelan and Hopper would have claimed her.

“Tammy, are you okay?” Tammy glanced toward Celeste as she walked up the steps to the veranda. Celeste was Tammy’s best friend. They’d met in college, and though Celeste had dropped out when she’d been offered a modeling contract, they kept in touch. Celeste had been a supermodel and had had a creepy stalker after her. When Tammy had invited her to come visit her on St. Lawrence Island off the mainland of Alaska, she’d jumped at the chance. Turned out Celestial—Celeste’s model name—had been mate to Tammy’s brother, Tarik, and Hodge, her brother’s best friend.

Celeste hadn’t baulked about giving up her modeling career since she’d fallen in love with Tarik and Hodge. Tammy was glad that her friend was here, but she just couldn’t shake the dejection that had assailed her as she’d watched her friend fall in love.

She could have been in a relationship, too, but Phelan and Hopper didn’t seem to want to be with her.